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Postponed until next year, Google’s Wear watch system can be good – Sohu technology Google next generation smart watch platform Android Wear 2 can not see this year. Google said today that the release date will be postponed by the fall of this year to early 2017. Google also released third developer preview version of Android Wear. More out of time, it will continue to adjust the software, there will be another preview version released at the end of this year. The new version of a lot of features, the most noteworthy is the smart watch application market Play Store. With Play Store, users can download the application directly to the watch, no longer installed on the phone. Google has been trying to make Android Wear 2 separate from the phone to become a more independent platform. This also means that iOS users can install third party applications to the Android Wear watch. However, the third version of the system does not support the compatibility of iOS Play Store, will be updated in the next version. In addition, the third version of the system has also joined the voice assistant function, intelligent response function, the UI on the circular screen has become more friendly. Intelligent reply is one of the functions of the assistant platform, according to the dialogue environment to provide reply. Google chat applications Allo and Hangouts have this feature. Android Wear platform announced in 2014, this year can not launch 2 really surprising. Google said that the delay of Android Wear 2 is not due to hardware problems, but to ensure the quality of the platform. But after Motorola, HUAWEI and LG and other manufacturers have said that this year will not be a Wear watch, which can not help but worry about the future of the platform. Fortunately, ASUS, Fossil, Michael Kors, Polar and Nixon have launched Wear watches.相关的主题文章: