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From potential buyers give up bid Twitter to consider new way of Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, affected by the pressure of the main investors, potential bidders are Twitter micro blog on the acquisition of the company lost interest, which forced to look for new users struggling Twitter, rely more on their strategic media live video streaming. Alphabet’s Google (micro-blog), Salesforce and Walter Disney had a strong interest in the acquisition of Twitter. The three companies have been in contact with the investment bank to discuss whether the acquisition of the social media company issues. However, sources said that now they are unlikely to bid for Twitter. It is reported that Twitter had planned on Friday to hold an external consultant to participate in the board of directors meeting to discuss matters of sale, but eventually abandoned the plan. After more than a quarter of revenue and subscriber growth slowed, Twitter began looking for external buyers. Because of a potential acquisition of Twitter expressed willingness to buy, the company’s board of directors in September hired an investment bank Goldman Sachs and Allen &, Co., to begin preparations for the sale of related matters. Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack · (Jack Dorsey); the West against the sale at the same time, another co-founder Evan ·, director of the company; Williams (Ev Williams) support for sale. Live news sources, while considering the sale of the same time, Twitter has also been considering other solutions, such as peeling off non core business assets, etc.. If there is no buyer to buy Twitter, Twitter will have to emphasize the new strategy to attract more users live video service. Twitter had previously established a partnership with sports, politics and entertainment content providers, allowing users to watch live video content while sending Twitter messages. Twitter in the future may be no account to provide users with a new way to use Twitter services, and let the company through video advertising revenue sharing. Up to now, Twitter’s efforts have not significantly increased the number of users, or to allow advertisers to increase the intensity of advertising on the Twitter platform. The investment company SunTrust Robinson Humphrey analyst Robert · (Robert Peck); Parker said, "the lack of user growth and engagement, reflecting the West’s efforts are not real significance effect. If the live strategy can not work, what services can really make Twitter grow?" In the past 12 months, headquartered in San Francisco, Twitter shares have fallen by more than 35%. The company’s share price at the end of August had dropped to $18.25, lower than the November 2013 for the first time.相关的主题文章: