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2016 "poverty alleviation day" Guizhou will carry out "six" – Guizhou Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn September 30 Guiyang Xinhua (Wang Qin) September 29th, reporters from the Guizhou Provincial People’s government held the press conference was informed that in October 17th China’s third "poverty alleviation day" is the twenty-fourth international day for the eradication of poverty, Guizhou in the poverty alleviation period, carry out the "invite you together, the poor, the dedication of love" as the theme of the "six" series of activities. It is understood that the poverty alleviation carried out on a "six" series of activities: from mid September to early October, Guizhou launched a poverty alleviation program award selection; launched a "invite you together: for preschool children in poor families love" large-scale public fund-raising activities; in October 16th, held a poverty alleviation achievements the exhibition in Guiyang held a "fortification square; this station? Movie Trailer Premiere of my first Secretary of the village" led by the masses of poverty alleviation; hold a poor East cooperation and aid to Guizhou held a joint meeting; enterprises to participate in the learning activities of poverty alleviation. Guizhou province will build a helping platform through launching the annual "poverty alleviation day" campaign, which will help further unite all sides to participate in poverty alleviation and help improve the social quality of civilization, and form a good trend of helping the poor and helping each other. At the same time, we should carry out various forms of poverty alleviation through extensive mobilizing and organizing all sectors of society to create a social atmosphere of universal participation and dedication, and build a large pattern of promoting poverty alleviation and development by the government, market and society. (commissioning editor: Liu Sibo (Intern), Chen Kangqing) 2016年“扶贫日” 贵州将开展“六个一”活动–贵州频道–人民网 人民网贵阳9月30日电(王钦)9月29日,记者从贵州省人民政府召开的新闻发布上获悉,10月17日是我国第三个“扶贫日”,也是第24个国际消除贫困日,贵州将在扶贫日期间,开展以“邀您一起、扶贫济困、奉献爱心”为主题的“六个一”系列活动。 据了解,扶贫日开展的“六个一”系列活动为:从9月中旬至10月初,开展一次贵州脱贫攻坚奖评选表彰活动;发动一次“邀您一起:为贫困家庭学龄前儿童奉献爱心”大型公益募捐活动;10月16日,在贵阳筑城广场举办一场脱贫攻坚成就展;举行《这一站?我的村》第一书记率领群众脱贫攻坚的电影花絮首映式;召开一次东西部扶贫协作和对口帮扶贵州联席会议;举行一次企业参与脱贫攻坚观摩学习活动。 贵州省将通过开展每年的“扶贫日”活动,打造一个帮扶平台,将有利于进一步团结各方力量参与扶贫济困,提升社会的文明素质,形成扶贫济困、互助友爱的良好风尚。同时,通过广泛发动和组织社会各界开展形式多样的扶贫济困活动,营造全民参与、奉献爱心的社会氛围,构建政府、市场、社会协同推进扶贫开发的大格局。 (责编:刘思博(实习)、陈康清)相关的主题文章: