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Pre pregnancy check! Look at the men will check what project? – Sohu maternal each family wants to have a healthy child, but in the modern society want to conceive a child, and gave birth to a healthy child, seems to have become somewhat difficult, so in order to better achieve the eugenics, not prospective parents must accept pre pregnancy check before pregnancy. But because of various reasons, most men do not have pre pregnancy check, they do not feel the need to do. The prepared pregnant experts pointed out that men and women are as important as the pre inspection, do not ignore. Why is the important conception of men’s pre pregnancy check-up of sperm and eggs fertilized with paternal genetic material from the half, half of the new life is given by the father. Men’s pre pregnancy check can be found without varicocele, sperm quality problems, genetic material of sperm is damaged, the existence of pathogen infection in semen. A couple of adverse pregnancy including growth arrest, an unexplained spontaneous abortion and hydatidiform mole, biochemical pregnancy, embryo deformity history of embryos must be pre pregnancy check to exclude male factors in pregnant man. Men’s pre pregnancy examination must check which items blood test A B O blood group and RH blood group detection: the couple A BO or RH incompatibility may cause fetal or neonatal hemolysis can lead to embryonic or spontaneous abortion, for obstetric intervention treatment. The detection of hepatitis B, hepatitis B virus carriers alone or in small Sanyang semen without hepatitis B virus, will not affect the fetus. If the "big Sanyang" especially in the blood in the semen of viral replication is usually viral replication, leading to suggestions of antiviral treatment, virus stability after considering let his wife pregnant. AIDS, syphilis and other infectious diseases such as herpes simplex virus detection: HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted diseases should not allow his wife to conceive. Doctors advise: there is a high incidence of geographical trends in Guangxi, Guangdong, Sichuan, a routine screening for thalassemia and faba bean disease. Sperm quality test sperm concentration detection sperm concentration of 20 million ml per milliliter, grade a sperm to reach more than 25%, the normal form of the mirror to reach more than 15% qualified. There are a lot of methods for detection of sperm DNA, and its detection index is usually expressed in the DNA fragmentation index of sperm. Semen leukocyte often prompts, vas deferens prostate inflammation (with prostatitis see), such as the merger of seminal plasma zinc decreased more suggests the presence of targeted therapy to chronic prostatitis. Color Doppler ultrasound examination can accurately detect the testis, epididymis, spermatic vein, kidney, prostate, seminal vesicle whether there is a disease, whether to meet the requirements of fertility. Semen contains bacteria and Mycoplasma monitoring. Normal experience for aseptic, semen as detected by Mycoplasma and chlamydia, suggesting the presence of such pathogens, the pathogens can affect sperm quality and surface adsorption of sperm egg fertilization, need active treatment. Male pregnancy check notes 1, men in the pre pregnancy examination, attention should be paid to maintain a regular lifestyle, to avoid staying up late, to rest, into the appropriate.相关的主题文章: