Preparation of moon cakes lanterns in the city to play through do very gouwei Mid Autumn Festival-tianbi

Preparation of moon cakes lanterns in the city to play through Do very gouwei Mid Autumn Festival in September 15th, "a small square Do city" full autumn elements let take on an altogether new aspect, people seemed to return to the rich traditional culture in ancient times. Make delicious cakes, beautiful lanterns, challenges the wisdom of the Mid Autumn Festival quiz, Cosplay animation style and Chang sister pictures, interesting taste moon cake game…… These are "Do capital" Mid Autumn Festival special events. Scene, parents and children not only feel the Mid Autumn Festival unique atmosphere of reunion, but also in a variety of fun experience to relax themselves. "How many years did not make the moon cake by myself, but today it is with the granddaughter of the addiction." Accompanied by a granddaughter to Do capital grandmother could not help but also joined the ranks of moon cake production. Knead the dough, put flour, dumpling stuffing, printing type…… The parents and the children’s hands, a pattern of moon cake baked, many people are adding their own ideas, to create the one and only the creative mooncakes. On the other side, the challenge of mid autumn quiz, moon cake tasting challenge also carried out in full swing. Four grades of small Hao very much like the traditional Chinese culture, and his father in two matches in the performance of outstanding, won the award. Usually work in the field, the son before the holiday specially through the phone, come back a family!" Siu Ho’s father said, for a period of time not to see the son not only long stature, the growth of knowledge also allow yourself to sit up and take notice! Subsequently, the father and son also Cosplay a Wu Gang rabbit and the role of mother side, homeopathy also took a lot of photos, said the memorial to treasure. "Mid Autumn Festival is a reunion of the festival, do not need gorgeous food, blessing, a true companion is the essence of this traditional festival." Staff teacher Lv Cailing said, activity design links all cannot do without the mid autumn elements, in order to let the children feel the subtle Chinese traditional festival culture in the experience, also let parents through participation in the activities of their children, the child is happy to share with the important significance to understand the pro. It is reported that, Do capital mid autumn festival activities will continue until September 17th, you want to feel the festive atmosphere, the children accompany the people may wish to come here, there may be different harvest. At the same time, "Do capital" the upcoming October 1st is also the "Do capital" of the eighth birthday, then the city will hold a grand unprecedented anniversary celebration, love lively, playful, love challenges the public don’t miss.   would you like to know the latest educational information, ask the education confusion, share the educational experience and experience? It pays attention to Sina micro-blog Sina @ Zhejiang education, reflect your demands and found; the number of public concern or: education information YiDianTong (zj_edu); or the parents will join Sina Zhejiang, interactive official QQ group: 62210056. For more information about studying abroad, please join Sina Zhejiang to help group QQ group: 280980058. For more information please sweep the two-dimensional code Zhejiang education information YiDianTong相关的主题文章: