Preparing For The Gmat-sweets parade

Business For the aspiring candidate of an MBA program the GMAT is the most important test he or she will ever take before starting to study. This acronym for the Graduate Management Admission Test refers to one of the most important aspects of your application into a prestigious MBA program, and while the GMAT is most widely used in the United States, it is also required by many colleges around the world. To make it short, there is no MBA without successfully taking the GMAT test. In contrast to LSAT (law schools), GRE (humanities) and MCAT (medicine) the GMAT qualifies applicants for business schools. ETS (Educational Testing Services) designed the GMAT Test and runs tests in centers around the world just like it does for the other tests. The test is taken by about 200K applicants each year. In case you are planning to do so too, you should take a first step by learning what the test is about. Introduced in the fifties, the GMAT is viewed as a great way t assess the potential of a person to do well in a graduate business school by measuring verbal, mathematical and analytical skills. The test is therefor structured in a quantitative, a verbal and an analytical section. The logical and mathematical questions of the quantitative section cover geometrical problems and .pound and data sufficiency questions. The verbal section of the test is designed to evaluate the language skills of the candidate using questions on reading .prehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction. In the first two sections of the GMAT the candidate has to deal with multiple choice questions, meanwhile the third part will require two written tasks analyzing an argument and an issue. Many .panies have entered the business of tutoring and candidate preparation for the GMAT offering software, books, prep courses, tutoring and web programs to help you achieve the desired score that is as close to 800 as possible. While the success rates vary, many candidates have benefitted a great deal from various preparatory products; however, it is essential to locate a reputable program that suits your learning style. Although some candidates opt to prepare on their own, in contrast to those who sign up for tutorials, what is indisputable is the need to prepare for the GMAT with great intensity since for many people, the GMAT .es years after they graduate from university and decades after their last high school algebra class. If you are trying to get into one the top tier schools like Wharton or UCLA – Anderson, you should aim for a score in the 96th to 99th percentile which is somewhat above 760 points. Simply, if it is the ivy league you are aiming at, put an incredible effort into your GMAT preparation. However, the MBA program application process is still a qualitative process .bining other factors such as your application essay, bachelor degree GPA, application timeline, work experience and interview. Being aware of that you should not rely on a good score alone. Put equal effort and focus into the other parts of your application. It’s not the score of 800 that the best schools are looking for, it is a candidate that impresses with a well-rounded profile of talents and abilities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: