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The president of the European Council urged Britain: please as soon as possible to start off the European program – Beijing, China News Agency, London, September 8 Xinhua (reporter Zhou Zhaojun) 8, the European Council president Tusk visited the United Kingdom, 10 Downing street in London with British Prime Minister Teresa held talks with Mei?. Tusk expressed the hope that the United Kingdom as soon as possible to start the process of removing europe. Tusk said the EU’s goal is to establish the closest relationship with the UK as much as possible. Now the ball in the hands of the United Kingdom, for the best interests of all, the United Kingdom should start the process as soon as possible. This is the first time that Teresa may hold talks with Mr Tusk as prime minister. Teresa Mae said she was looking forward to the United Kingdom to take off the negotiations can be carried out smoothly, but before the UK ready, will not start the relevant procedures. In July 18, 2016, local time, British Cardiff, Britain’s new prime minister Teresa? Mei and Welsh first minister Jones Caine (Carwyn Jones) meeting?. Tusk said, in the remaining 27 EU leaders will discuss Britain’s political influence in Europe this month at the EU summit, but will not discuss the future direction of the relations between the EU and the UK, because in accordance with the relevant provisions of the European Union, from Britain to the EU to apply to start a "European program and article fiftieth of the Treaty of Lisbon". British Prime Minister’s Office spokesman told the media that the United Kingdom is under pressure from the European Union, the latest by the end of this year to issue a formal statement on the removal of the eu. The British government is stepping up its preparations for the issue, hoping to maintain a strong relationship with the EU after the eu. Local time on June 29, 2016, Brussels, Belgium, the empty British media conference room. British referendum decided to take off the EU, the EU did not participate in the case of the United Kingdom to continue the summit, which is the EU summit for the first time in more than 40 years in the absence of the British held. After the talks with Tusk, Mei Mei chaired a cabinet meeting on the subject of the removal of Europe, together with the cabinet ministers to discuss the economic and trade cooperation between the United Kingdom and other countries after the referendum on the issue of the European Union, the. British Minister of international trade Fawkes told reporters after the meeting, the United Kingdom and the European Union outside the country to discuss new economic and trade agreements, in order to ease the impact of the EU’s economic impact on the British economy. (end)相关的主题文章: