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The prevention of cerebral hemorrhage caused by hemiplegia, from the start – Sohu health cerebral hemorrhage usually cause hemiplegia, excluded injury reasons, then we must consider the body may be the lack of nutrition, no drinking or smoking, if the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage and treatment is not timely, it is easy to leave sequela hemiplegia, how treatment and prevention causes the hemiplegia cerebral hemorrhage? The Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical University Department of Neurosurgery director Zhao Haikang for everyone to fully answer. Cerebral hemorrhage refers to bleeding veins in the brain parenchyma, most occurred in the hemisphere, is one of the diseases with the highest mortality rate. The age of onset of cerebral hemorrhage in 40 years, often with history of hypertension and arteriosclerosis, many in the activities of disease, and sudden onset. To prevent the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage, pay attention to the following points: stroke is one of the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by the risk of the main factors: 1, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis; 2. The risk of thrombosis than hemorrhage, low success rate, recovery is difficult. The reason is that the root of the disease is atherosclerosis, to soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation, but haemorrhage symptom is bleeding, improve blood circulation and should not be too fast, causing bleeding again. Soften blood vessels, promote circulation such as the implementation of measures to consolidate the three months postoperative hemorrhage, vascular trauma recovery, and is safe, can carry out basic nutrition treatment. At present, the diet given high biological quality protein diet, give the fruit and vegetable juice, add vitamins minerals, low-fat, moderate carbohydrate, light diet. Try to use cooking stew, steamed, boiled, high quality protein by egg white, fish, chicken, lean lean meat. Give oatmeal, tremella, agaric, carrot etc. can play in the porridge. Do coarse fine soft diet, easy to digest best. Require less food and more meals, reduce gastric volume, reduce gastric pressure, brain support adequate. For protein, vitamins, minerals, in the food intake is small, inadequate supply, can be used to strengthen food. Such as: protein powder, etc.. After three months of stability, increased functionality of nutritional supplements. At the same time, as much as possible with the activities of the people, as far as possible to move the dynamic, six months later, the implementation of massage, promote rehabilitation. In two, cerebral hemorrhage refers to bleeding caused by rupture of non traumatic intracerebral vessels, accounting for all stroke from 20% to 30%, the main causes of disease and cerebrovascular disease, and hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, vascular aging, smoking is closely related. Cerebral hemorrhage patients often due to emotional and strenuous exertion sudden onset, early mortality rate is very high, about half of the patients died within a few days of onset, the survivors are left with varying degrees of movement disorders, cognitive disorders, speech swallowing disorders and other sequelae. The principle of treatment is to lie in bed, to reduce intracranial pressure, to adjust blood pressure, to prevent and control bleeding, to strengthen the prevention and treatment of complications, in order to save lives, reduce mortality, disability rate and reduce recurrence. 1 general should stay in bed for 2 to 4 weeks, keep quiet, avoid emotional and blood pressure. Closely observe the vital signs such as body temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure. 2 protection.相关的主题文章: