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Identity Theft On The Rise Affecting Over 13 Million Posted By: Robert Siciliano 13.1 million people were stricken by identity theft last year in America, reports a study by Javelin Strategy AND amp; Research which reveals: Many people who don AND rsquo;t trust their banks are unwittingly doing things that make crime easier for crooks. This includes not using the bank AND rsquo;s protection services such as e-mail alerts. Oddly, there are more victims than ever, but the total amount stolen is less. But that hardly matters when you consider that in the past six years, $112 billion have been stolen. 18 percent of U.S. identity fraud involving cards was carried out beyond the U.S. New-account fraud is being driven by EMV. Javelin Strategy AND amp; Research AND rsquo;s Recommendations Every account should have a different password. Every password should be long and strong, not containing keyboard sequences or actual words or proper nouns (sorry, this means no AND nbsp;Metallica1), and including a mix of characters. Consider using a password manager. Smartphone protection is a must. This means being vigilant about updates and using all security features offered by the device like passcodes or fingerprint access. Sign up for account alerts. Alerts come in different flavors. For instance, you AND rsquo;

identity fraud Ransomware As A Service: A New Threat To Businesses Everywhere Posted By: Robert Siciliano Cyber criminals have been attempting to extort money from individuals and companies for many years, and the latest attempt to take advantage of others is by using Ransomware as a Service, or RaaS. A ransomware virus infects a computer when a user clicks a link and unknowingly download a malicious file. The ransomware virus then encrypts the computer AND rsquo;s files and promises to render them useless unless the victim pays a ransom. The cost varies greatly and groups sending these out can bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. RaaS makes it even easier for criminals to deploy ransomware viruses. All they have to choose a ransomware virus, set a ransom amount and deadline, and then trick their victims into downloading it onto their computer. What to do if systems become infected with ransomware If you have been attacked with ransomware, consider the following: Tell the hacker you will pay, but that you need time to get the cash. Gather all correspondence from the hacker. Tell the webhosting provider, maybe call the cops, but expect little. If there is a major loss, reach out to the FBI, just know they might not see it as serious.

cyber criminals 9 Key Medical Supplies That You Should Never Skip Posted By: Steven Blake Urgency may not knock your door while stepping into the home but you need to be prepared to face it. A usual first aid kit may not be sufficient enough many a times. Here are some of the essential medical supplies that can act as savior in your urgent needs. 1.N-100 Filtration Mask/Respirators Selecting the correct air-purifying mask or respirator can really be challenging. With the health AND medicine market flooded with options, it is really tough to decide upon what actually can purify your air supply. The N-100 mask or respirators cover most of the face and offers far better filtration than the N-95. Plus, the exhalation valve helps to breathe smoothly. 2.Spare batteries for your diabetes checker An unusual item indeed! Still keep your diabetes checker always ready. Who knows, the sudden collapse in your health is due to fluctuations in your diabetes. Keep checking so as to avoid on the delay of taking right medicine. 3. Reference Medical Guides It may happen that you’re staying far away from urgent care centers or no healthcare professional residing near you.
medical supplies orange county Dental Hygiene Facts You Won’t Uncover Anywhere Else Posted By: Robert K. Sanders Tend not to minimize 4 corners whenever looking after your enamel. Deciding on the actual dental practice that’s befitting you is section of this. Select the finest dental practice rather than the primary 1 anyone match. Rather, examine this information to locate guidelines directed a person when it comes to the top dentist near to you. You need to typically comb ones pearly white’s twice each day, nevertheless more frequently, in the event essential. If you take in fizzy meals and also products, you must clean your enamel immediately in order to avoid cavities. Take in plants as opposed to dry fresh fruit to protect ones teeth’s health. Dry berries stays on your enamel, subjecting these phones much more sugar along with bringing about much more cavities. When you should eat dried out fruit, you should definitely remember to brush, floss and also rinse out asap after having so you slow up the danger involving cavities. Once you floss, will not be worried about the total amount you make use of. Roughly 20 inches is a great size to floss your entire jaws. Whenever you try this, distort your own floss close to equally of the heart hands.

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mustach How To Prevent Irs Scams Posted By: Robert Siciliano Once a thief knows your Social Security number AND hellip;you AND rsquo;re at very high risk for having your identity stolen. A report on says that the IRS is warning of a cyber attack on its electronic filing PIN application. Thieves infiltrated it with malware in an attempt to claim other people AND rsquo;s refunds as their own. Over 450,000 SSNs were involved, and over 100,000 of them enabled the hackers to access an E-file PIN. Endless scams are directed towards SSNs, like the classic phishing attack. A phishing attack basically goes as follows: An e-mail arrives with an alluring or threatening subject line, which may actually be a warning to protect your SSN. The e-mail looks legitimate, complete with logos and privacy information at the bottom. The hacker AND rsquo;s goal is to get you to fill out a form that includes typing in your SSN. The FTC warns of a AND ldquo;Get Protected AND rdquo; subject line for the latest scam. This scam e-mail mentions the AND ldquo;S.A.F.E. Act 2015 AND rdquo; that protects against fraudulent use of SSNs. Like many phishing e-mails, the AND ldquo;Get Protected AND rdquo; one contains fake information.

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Neem Face Wash How To Freeze Your Child’s Credit Posted By: Robert Siciliano Identity thieves are after children AND rsquo;s Social Security numbers. With this number, a thief can do so many things like open a credit card account and rent an apartment. Kids AND rsquo; SSNs have great appeal to crooks because: A child AND rsquo;s record is usually very clean. This means fertile opportunities for new credit lines. Kids usually don AND rsquo;t check their credit reports and thus the fraud can go undetected for years. Parents should consider putting a freeze on their kids AND rsquo; credit. Simply getting the credit monitored will not prevent thieves from opening accounts using the child AND rsquo;s SSN. A AND nbsp;freeze AND nbsp;does literally that: blocks a fraudster from doing anything. Experian Will not create a file for a child unless required by state law, unless they are victimized. However, will give a free copy of an existing file of a child to the parent and will freeze it upon request. There may be a very small fee unless the parent provides proof that the minor AND rsquo;s identity was stolen. Equifax Their freeze is free and doesn AND rsquo;t answer to any state requirements. The child need not already be a victim of ID theft to get the freeze.

child credit How To Protect Your Network From Malicious Insiders Posted By: Robert Siciliano You may be putting your company at risk simply by hiring a new employee. Why? Because that person could have a hidden, malicious agenda. This is known as an inside threat, and it means that someone within your organization is planning or conducting activities meant to harm the company. There is a pattern that most insider threats use: The first step is to gain access to the company AND rsquo;s system. Once they have access to the network, they will investigate it and seek out any vulnerable areas. The malicious insider then sets up a workstation to control the scheme and spread the destruction. What type of destruction can you expect? The hacker could introduce malware or they could steal or delete critical information, all of which can be damaging to your business. Fortunately, there are ways to protect business from these types of hacks. Most companies protect their IT systems with firewalls, anti-virus programs, data backup software and even spyware-scanning technology. The problem is that these technologies only work when hackers are trying to get information from the outside.

data privacy Beware Of Amazon’s Scary Customer Service Hack Posted By: Robert Siciliano Do you shop at Are you aware they have a back door through which hackers can slip in? Let AND rsquo;s look at Eric AND rsquo;s experience with hackers and Amazon, as he recounts at AND nbsp; He received an e-mail from Amazon and contacted them to see what it was about. Amazon informed him that he had had a text-chat and sent him the transcript AND mdash;which he had never been part of. Eric explains that the hacker gave Eric AND rsquo;s AND nbsp; AND nbsp;data to Amazon. However, the data was partially false because Eric wanted to remain private. So Eric AND rsquo;s AND ldquo;fake AND rdquo; information wasn AND rsquo;t 100 percent in left field; some of it was true enough for the customer service hack to occur, because in exchange for the AND ldquo;fake AND rdquo; information, Amazon supplied Eric AND rsquo;s real address and phone number to the hacker. The hacker got Eric AND rsquo;s bank to get him a new copy of his credit card. Amazon AND rsquo;s customer service had been duped. Eric informed Amazon Retail to flag his account as being at AND ldquo;extremely high risk AND rdquo; of getting socially engineered. Amazon assured him that a AND ldquo;specialist AND rdquo;

amazon Popular Passwords Make It Easy To Hack You Posted By: Robert Siciliano Your account passwords should be as unique as your fingerprint AND mdash;to make them less hackable by crooks using password-guessing software that can run through millions of possible combinations in just minutes. And if you have an easy password, there may be a hit AND nbsp;within 10 seconds. Think this software can figure out your password of AND ldquo;password1 AND rdquo; or AND ldquo;monkey AND rdquo;? These are among the most used passwords. Needless to say, so is AND ldquo;1password AND rdquo; and just AND ldquo;password. AND rdquo; And AND ldquo;login. AND rdquo; What are people AND nbsp;thinking? Every year, millions of passwords are stolen. These are made public by researchers, in order of popularity. Hackers see this list. If you don AND rsquo;t want to get hacked, then avoid using the following passwords (this list is very incomplete): 123456 (avoid ANY numerical sequence) qwerty (avoid ANY letter sequence) 123456789 (long sequences are just as bad as shorter ones) Football (hackers know that tons of passwords are a name of a popular sport) abc123 (combining different keyboard sequences doesn AND rsquo;t toughen up the password) 111111 (how lazy can you be?) 1qaz2wsx (vertical sequences are vulnerable too) master, princess, starwars (give me a break) passw0rd (wow, so creative!) Don AND rsquo;

password Bank Tellers Stealing Identities Posted By: Robert Siciliano Ever consider the possibility that a person gets a job as a bank teller AND hellip;for the sole purpose of stealing a patron AND rsquo;s identity? Do you realize how easy this would be? No techy hacking skills required. No gun required. So we AND rsquo;ve all been instilled with fear of our bank getting data breached by Russian hacking rings, while that mousy looking teller with the sweet smile could be your greatest threat. A article points out that a teller from Capital One had gained access to seven accounts and gave information to a co-thief who drew checks on these accounts. Tellers can fake debit cards and wire unauthorized funds. They can also sell personal data to other thieves. The article says that a teller was part of an ID theft ring that stole $850,000. The idea of tellers committing these thefts is very real. One teller even took photos with a cell phone of account data to cash phony checks. Another thief, who worked at a credit union, took loans out in customer AND rsquo;s names. There are many ways that tellers can steal, including creating credit cards in customer AND rsquo;s names.

bank fraud Businesses Struggling To Keep Up With Latest Wave Of Malware Attacks Posted By: Robert Siciliano Companies have been struggling for years to keep cyber-attacks at bay. Cyberthieves are working faster than ever before to send out their malicious attacks, and it AND rsquo;s become increasingly difficult for companies to keep up. CNN AND nbsp;reports that almost one million malware strains are released every day. In 2014, more than 300 million new types of malicious software were created. In addition to new forms of malware, hackers continue to rely on tried and true bugs because many companies simply haven AND rsquo;t found a fix or haven AND rsquo;t updated their systems to mitigate the threats. In almost 90% of these cases, the bugs have been around since the early 2000s, and some go back to the late 1990s. The irony here is that companies can protect themselves and create patches for these bugs, but there tends to be a lack of effort and resources when it comes to getting the job done. Some industries are targeted more than others. After hackers get information from these companies, such as proprietary data, they attempt to sell the information on the black market.

cyber crime How Water Leak Sensors Protect Your Home Posted By: Robert Siciliano Ever wonder how a water leak sensor actually works? Water comes into contact with the sensor. The sensor makes and electrical contact and send a signal. The sensor transmits a signal to a central station of sorts (kind of like how if extreme heat or a needle comes in contact with your skin, your sensory nerves will send a signal to your brain). Once the signal reaches the AND ldquo;brain AND rdquo; of the water leak sensor, an alarm will sound. A more advanced system includes a phone call from a base monitoring center to alert you to the leak. Where might water leaks occur? Appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine are among the many sources of potential leaks. Obviously, a hot water heater can leak. A leak can also emanate from the plumbing of a toilet. Roofs leak all the time. Your neighbor in your apartment/condo may spring a leak. Though a water leak may sound like a minor nuisance, it can actually be very costly if unchecked. A worst case scenario is an untreated leak causing mold to proliferate in the house AND rsquo;s walls and floors. This mold can cause serious health problems.

home safety Hide Ip Software – Is It Genuinely Valuable? Posted By: Kain Black Staying secure on the web is really critical as well as your passwords play an essential part in this. Nevertheless, your IP address can nevertheless give area to difficulties that compromise your safety. Your world wide web providers offer you the IP address which works just like a house address which means which you can be traced or recognized employing it. It could be very one of a kind, therefore producing it achievable even for the individual details to be got by other men and women with no problems around the addresses. Identity thieves can hack your IP leaving you with problems of security, malware and viruses as well as slow performance of the personal computer. Get more information about is utorrent safe You might also finish up losing crucial folders and files. Whereas your antivirus application plays an important role of keeping the personal computer safe from viruses, it will not do much in maintaining your IP secure. You thus could possibly locate it crucial to invest inside a hide IP software. Get more information about best hide ip software The software Hide IP software delivers you protection from hackers by maintaining your address hidden.
how to watch netflix in europe Smarter Way To Minimize Browning Effect When Carpet Cleaning Posted By: graeme Browning is the oxidation of a sugar called lignin. Browning occurs on the tips of carpet tufts or on upholstery fabric.This dissolves in water or cleaning solutions and wicks to the surface during drying. Alkalinity will greatly accelerate cellulosic browning. Over-wetting, slow drying and the age of the fabric also increase the likelihood and severity of browning Clean and Not Damage Be aware of the fiber(s) you are dealing with. Jute backed carpets make up only a small percentage of the carpets you will clean. Woven carpet and area rugs are likely to have cotton foundation yarns. Cellulosic fibers are more common in upholstery fabrics. If uncertain of the fiber content, do a burn test and check technical aspect. Use a neutral or acid side carpet cleaner if it will provide sufficient cleaning ability. If you use an alkaline cleaning agent, neutralize by rinsing with an acid side product. Dilute Citric Acid at 8-10 tablespoons per gallon of hot water. Using a pump-up sprayer (or trigger sprayer for small areas), lightly mist the Citric Acid solution. Do this as lightly as possible. Once the area is dry, vacuum it aggressively.

carpet cleaning Auckland Scareware Scam Almost Snags Victim Posted By: Robert Siciliano Cybercriminals know that the best way to get their claws on the next victim is to appeal to their emotions, not logic. There AND rsquo;s lots of scary things in life, and one is learning that your computer has been infected with a virus. If this happens, you AND rsquo;re now vulnerable to spending money on getting rid of the malware. The tactic of scaring users is called AND nbsp;scareware. A pop up tells you AND ldquo;Warning! Your Computer Has Been Infected with Malware! AND rdquo; The pop-up can be triggered by visiting an infected website or by making a bad click. The pop-up can AND rsquo;t be closed out, or if it can, another appears. Additional information in the pop-up lures you into clicking a link inside it, such as buy some downloadable security software that will destroy the virus. Once the alleged security software is downloaded/installed, it crashes your computer AND mdash;even if you already have a legitimate security software program in place. You AND rsquo;re screwed at this point. (Hope you had all your data backed up before this happened!) Here AND rsquo;s another way the scam can unfold, from someone who wrote to me: AND ldquo;

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