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Princess Zhang Hanyun interpretation version of PPAP users: goddesses Satin Hands – Sohu Sohu Zhang Hanyun entertainment entertainment news broadcast on October 10th, during the national costume drama "Lanling Princess" has aired 10 episodes, beautiful screen, compact plot, and the actors take heart performance, makes the play rising in the online heat. To play the sixth set amount of easily breaking 100 million. In the play, Zhang Hanyun’s clever performance to get friends Qi Fu, rich expression is more so that the fans said, walking expression pack". Last night, Zhang Hanyun in micro-blog issued a set of action figure, her Princess Costume, holding two dogs, with the hot song "PPAP" lyrics, there is no sense of violation and. Users also have a message: "the princess also brainwashed", "good down to earth’s Princess", "Goddess has become Satin hands". Zhang Hanyun plays a female heroine Duanmu yuan pity, disguised as the lock was sent to Northern Zhou Yuan Ching Sagong Office survey town soul bead and Qing Luan mirror’s whereabouts, but in a lost memory, in the search for life and the truth, she met two men, the most important thing in life, Oji Solaun and the king of high Changgong. In the course of the show for the station which appeared on the CP of the choice of difficulty, in the end who should be with the Lord, overbearing president or gentle man really hard to choose. "Lanling Princess" is Zhang Hanyun’s first movie as the female principal, its performance also surprise the audience. In the play, Yuan Qing lock is a good smart girl, the face of his beloved king all tenderness, in the face of the enemy "Yong Yuwen and weird, like a lot of ideas, and again the overbearing president in an awkward position, very interesting.   相关的主题文章: