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Arts-and-Entertainment Ceramic sand equipment working principles: The production of fly ash ceramic production processes are as follows: Raw materials (fly ash + quantitative admixture) mixing mill – granulation – burning swelling – piled up -transportation (bagging) Production of Fly Ash Aggregate should use binoculars rotary kiln , the kiln preheat section and drying section can be used alone to control their speed, in order to control of their warm-up time depending on the state of the raw materials. Clay Ceramsite in recent years due to the limitations of land resources in some areas have been banning the production and use. However, some areas can take advantage of river mud, waste mountain soil for production. The process is as follows: The raw material mixing – granulation – Filter – sintered – piled up – transportation (bagging) Operation should be noted that the look-out, to prevent the material in the kiln agglomerate affect the quality.   Ceramsite equipment characteristics: Lightweight aggregates production equipment in China is the industrial rotary kiln. Cylindrical kiln level was about 3 ° inclination placed in the care roll on. Into the kiln, the material in the high end of the kiln to do a rotary motion, the materials from height (kiln inlet) rolled to a lower (kiln head), at the same time inthe kiln hood at high pressure air will be pulverized coal (or natural gas, other fuels) is injected into the kiln, and make full .bustion, the heat generated by the material physical and chemical changes, resulting in the expansion phenomenon, after cooling both for Ceramsite.   The main equipment of the production of lightweight aggregates include: drum screen, drum dryer , the drum washing machine, rotary kiln equipment, raw materials storage warehouse, dust rooms, induced draft fan, the main kiln, coal injection system, control cabi.. Which raw materials position in the lower part of the feeders, the kiln speed and amount of arch coal are variable speed, in order to adjust the process parameters to get the maximum yield under the premise of ensuring product quality.   With its high quality products such as Rock cone crusher Sand washer Henan Hongxing mining machinery Co.Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipments. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: