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Private performance: stock futures to make over a lot of people from the bottom of the stock market to the bond market to withdraw sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor opportunities: onlookers participating expert show you how to get private stock: stock futures since the bottom, make a turn Chen Xiuyue into October, the market trend is relatively flat. Can ensure positive returns throughout the year, the first quarter of this year is crucial for most private placement. However, the past three quarters, private equity market is Rainbow Night. Among them, in the private row row established network statistics ranked the expiration of equity strategy products 9 months a total of 3323, the average yield of -6.41%, the bottom eight strategies; and thanks to the black and other commodity futures market, the establishment of statistical ranking into the expiration of 9 months managed futures strategy products totaled 523, the average the yield reached 14.90%, ranking first in eight strategies. It is worth noting that, in September there are eight major strategic performance decline. According to the private line network data, only bond strategy, event driven strategy, eight strategies in the macro strategy and relative value strategies achieved positive earnings, but positive returns were not significant, the average rate of return is controlled within 0.5%. Stock strategy failed to continue the good momentum, again in September to negative earnings this year has been completed; performance management strategy of futures eye-catching began to fall again in September to negative earnings ended; in addition, composite and combined strategies are also negative, but the decline is not serious, are controlled within -0.2%. Futures strategy yields fell in the third quarter of the private equity futures did not continue in the first quarter of the investment performance of the two quarter. Especially in September, the average rate of return is negative, that is -0.21%. According to the private line network data center statistics, as of the end of September 2016, a net disclosure of 612 non structured futures private equity funds, 318 funds achieved positive returns. That means half of the funds are negative. Futures investment opportunities seem to diverge. National Futures market transaction size in the third quarter of 2016 ended the first quarter of two growth momentum. Data show that in the third quarter of 2016, the cumulative turnover of 952 million hand, the cumulative turnover of $45 trillion and 700 billion, while the cumulative turnover in the second quarter was $1 billion 247 million, the cumulative turnover of $53 trillion and 600 billion. From the quarter, the third quarter turnover and turnover fell by 23.65% and 14.73%, respectively. A lot of money to slow down the speed of the market, futures fund product heat is also not as good as before. The end of the first half of the product launch peak, the second half of the futures Strategy Fund issued slowdown. The number of products issued in August is the lowest in 12 months of the year, only the peak of the level of 1/3. However, this year has been a good year for private futures in recent years. This year, a total of 1151 private equity funds issued, this figure exceeds the total issued last year. This year is also a more active commodity market year. With the restricted stock index futures last year, making a lot of money from the stock market into the commodity theory相关的主题文章: