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UnCategorized When you are returning alone in the night from office or a night out in town or when you are going out to camp in the woods, there is always the fear of getting accosted by criminals and thugs who can rob and murder you. Stun guns which generate high voltage low amperage electric shocks can prove to be your friend in need with the help of which you can disable and incapacitate your attacker for quite some time while you escape or call for help. Z Force Stun Guns Of the many varieties of stun guns which are available, Z Force stun guns are one of the best and the slim style and unique ergonomic design make these ideal for women’s’ self defense weapons. Women have smaller palms and they will find Z Force stun guns easy to grip. You can fit this stun gun easily into your handbag or purse and it carries a lifetime warranty. It will send out a 100000 or 300000 volt shock depending on the variant you have purchased. Accidental firing is prevented through the safety switch. Stun Master 625000v You won’t believe it, but it has earned the affectionate pet name of Stun Monster, sends out a massive 625000 volt shock and carries a life time warranty. Its slim ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and is ideal for women. It is only 2 inches wide and 7 3/4 inches long. It is powered by 3 nine volt alkaline batteries, is provided with wrist strap and safety switch and includes a free gift of leatherette holster absolutely free. Stun Master 775000 volt Zap robbers and thugs with this power dynamite that unleashes a monster 775000 volt stopping power. This behemoth will .e in handy for security guards, bouncers, bounty hunters and bar owners and the sound of the gun popping is enough to scare away criminals. Stun your persistent attackers by keeping this stun gun in contact with their body for 3/5 seconds and see them reel to the ground in pain and contortion. In today’s world you never know who may attack you or someone you care about. Stun guns are a great self defense weapon against criminals and thugs who can rob and murder you. You have a right to protect yourself and those who are close to you. Stun guns can help give you a little piece of mind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: