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Pull up badminton veteran belongs to the past, perhaps he propped up the sports Sohu 2016 BWF super series ended the French Open Country feather in the future, a strong rebound in China team win four trophies. Shi Yuqi 2 to 0 victory over South Korea veteran Li Xuanyi won the men’s singles champion, he Bingjiao blocking dark horse Zhang Beiwen in the women’s singles titles. The two harvest doubles champion Chen Qingchen, who win the women’s doubles partner, laurel, then paired Zheng Siwei in the mixed doubles on top. You see, shishinanliao, the country feather has just been scolded too horrible to look at, from the coach to the players Nothing is right., the future of darkness, however in the French race team China strong rebound win four trophies. Small pay special attention to the young men’s singles champion Dan yuqi. Shi Yuqi was born in Nantong in 1996, 2003 entered the sports school training in badminton, 11 years into the team training, and later entered the sports team, the youth national team. Although only seventeen years old, stone has participated in many national and even world-class competition. In the French Open Men’s singles final, two times exchange leading power, Li Xuanyi in 12 to 10 lead, Dan Yuqi to strengthen the attack, he scored 4 points ahead. Then withstood the impact of several stone Yu-chi South Korean veteran, he firmly maintain a leading edge, 21 to 16, he xianshengduoren. The second is quite similar with the first game, Li Xuanyi quickly took the lead, but the stone Yu-chi middle force, he scored 5 points in 15 to 11 ahead. In 20 Dan Yuqi 15 to get the match point, Li Xuanyi still did not give up, even saved 4 match points, but he was 21 to 19, work not completed, Shi Yuqi more than 2 to 0 win the icing on the cake. This is Shi Yuqi’s first super championship. Can hold in the final, against a world-class veteran offensive, Dan Yuqi is definitely a concern of the bright younger generation. In late September 2015, Shi Yuqi in the first place as the first team to enter the national team. For his position in the national team, Shi Yuqi is very clear. "Just entered a team, my level is the national team, the goal is now training hard to catch up with older teammates." The 2016 Grand Prix gold Indonesia masters, the young team played China team to get a championship, Uch stone in the men’s singles final victory over teammate Huang Yuxiang won. Look forward to the wonderful performance of the rookie. More exciting information where to see? To download more sports!相关的主题文章: