Qiu Xinzhi drama set Hongmenyan eat the bitter fruit of Zhang Xinyu black line (video)-chompoo araya

Qiu Xinzhi drama set Hongmenyan eat the bitter fruit of Zhang Xinyu Heihua on-line entertainment news Tencent adapted by Mr. Gu fiction drama "new vagabondize" is hit, the show ending soon, the story is more compact. In yesterday’s broadcast of "success" in the plot to assassinate Fu Hongxue (Zhu Yilong) Ma Kongqun (Qiu Xinzhi ornaments) set Hongmenyan will also be removed to spend winter clothing, but Fanzao clever clever, is worth around undercover ambush attack died, ending a sigh. Tonight, Fang bell (Zhang Xinyu ornaments) have once again been used, Fu Hongxue as the man who misunderstand, sometimes desperate she choose death by practicing, Fang bell will launch blackening. Qiu Xinzhi’s horse Kongqun in the play is the villain, but evil is not a stereotype, for his only daughter Ma Fangling he can say love me. With Fu Hongxue (Zhu Yilong), Ye Kai (Yu Qingbin ornaments), infighting countless times, Ma Kongqun with calculation and plot to prevail, a failure did not stop him again. However, the "end for good and evil will rely on", won the position of authority. Yoshie he eventually ended up being his betrayal die miserable fate. Qiu Xinzhi Ma Kongqun interpretation of "rigid and soft", successfully created the classic role of this type of villain aston. With his death, Ma Fangling again in the summer for Fu Hongxue to mislead the flowers for man who spend clothes carefully deliberately under the guidance of Ma Fangling "discovered" by death and offered to practice, this study also created a black Fang Mojiao bell about on-line tonight, also can let the audience see the side of Zhang Xinyu domineering sharp. Produced by the Beijing Oriental International Film and television Limited by Share Ltd Feiyunjiang directed by Huang Zuquan, Wang Xiaohan, Wang Yin screenwriter, actor Zhu Yilong, Zhang Xinyu power and Yu Qingbin, Vincent Chiao, Zhang Jun Ning, Chai Wan, Gongmi, Qiu Xinzhi, Wang Yitong, Yang Jingru starring with ancient martial arts masterwork "new vagabondize" in Beijing TV broadcast week theater broadcast every Monday to Wednesday 22:20 p.m.. And the stars went on a trip to Qiu Xinzhi and Australia in the first quarter of the tenth episode: a taste of Australian lobster相关的主题文章: