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Quanan Wang Zhang Yuqi: I married again to wish her a happy marriage – Zhang Yuqi, Quanan Wang   entertainment Sohu; former Sohu simply entertainment news October 26th, Zhang Yuqi micro-blog in drying out the marriage certificate admit married Mr. yuan. Zhang Yuqi’s ex husband Quanan Wang through friends revealed that Zhang Yuqi in fact as early as a month ago to tell his marriage to the news, Quanan Wang was also on Zhang Yuqi expressed wishes, and think this is their private life, should not be disturbed, so keep the date. Quanan Wang think, now since Zhang Yuqi himself open, then once again wish her a happy wedding. In October 27th, he announced the marriage second days in Zhang Yuqi, Quanan Wang was exposed to the new model left ye 90. In this regard, Quanan Wang also admitted: "all marriages and let go, in any one day, there is a sincere love and love is lucky, also should cherish, for me and David (left Ye net) especially." Previously, ye also left in the micro-blog and Quanan Wang drying out intimate photo and issued a document that love, "I am ordinary I, Wang also not perfect. He met in the difficult period, in addition to love each other, the other with a clear conscience. Please allow us to return to the quiet life. Thank you support!"   相关的主题文章: