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Finance So with another year .es another update to the Advanced Inventory add on for QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0 bookkeeping programs. This year two new exciting features are Bin Tracking and Bar Code Scanning. Our QuickBooks small business accountants from Presti and Naegele put together a couple of pointers regarding how these features work and how to start using them in your business. Bin Tracking As you already know, QuickBooks Enterprise accounting business software allows you to track multiple locations per item with the Inventory Site feature. Now, with the new Bin Tracking feature, you will have the ability to track locations within locations using the Bin Tracking feature. The way this actually works is that each Location will now have the ability to have sub-site(s) attributed to it which will allow the user to allocate quatitys to. So now when you enter in an item related transaction, you will have the option to choose the location in addition to the site. Bar Code Scanning Another great new feature that came out in 2012 is the one which allows Bar Code Scanning. Now with Enterprise 13.0 Advanced Inventory you can add bar codes to items and scan them on any transaction. Increase efficiency and reliability for all inventory data entry by scanning items and serial numbers without touching a keyboard QuickBooks accounting business software automatically puts the information into the right field. If you dont have barcodes, QuickBooks will create them for you. It integrates with any simple USB barcode scanner! Here are a couple of quick notes that our QuickBooks accountants thought you should consider: – USB or Bluetooth barcode scanners only. No Keyboard wedge support. Some scanners may be able to be reprogrammed. At this time, Wasp has tested the majority of their barcode scanners and they work with QuickBooks. – You do not have to be in the item field to begin scanning. QuickBooks will automatically add the item when you scan it. If you are in a bill on the expense tab, QuickBooks will switch to the items tab automatically. – You can use the scanner on the following transactions: PO, Bills, Bill Credits, Item Receipts, Sales Orders, Estimates, Invoices, Sales Receipts, Credit Memos, Checks, CC Charges, CC Credits. It does not support Inventory Adjustment transactions (which seems really silly to be missing). – If you are in the Inventory Center or Item List, scanning the barcode will take you to the item. – If you are on the New/Edit item or Add Multiple screen, scanning will enter the barcode in the barcode field. – If you use serial numbers, you can scan the barcode after scanning the item code. Additional Features In addition to these two that our QuickBooks advisors laid out, you will now be able to generate a Stock List by location report, Items by Bin Location report, print Sorted Pick Lists by location and more. If you have any questions regarding these new features of the QuickBooks Enterprise accounting business software please feel free to contact us at Presti and Naegele! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: