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News-and-Society Raymond Weil and Swatch are two Swiss watchmakers. Although both are highly regarded, they have different histories and approaches to watchmaking. Let’s discuss some of the history behind each .pany and the two signature styles they produce. Raymond Weil watches began in Switzerland in 1976. Around this time, many independent watchmakers were closing their doors for good. Stiff .petition from around the globe, coupled with the industrialization of the watch market, had caused many independent and artisanal watchmakers to close. Raymond Weil watches however saw an opening in the market. Raymond Weil’s fan base grew throughout the late 1970s. They became known for making watches of the highest quality, bucking the trend of making cheap, mass produced watches. The .pany got a big boost in 1983 when it paired with director Milos Forman to produce a watch for his film Amadeus. This propelled the watch into popularity in Hollywood circles. Raymond Weil watches remain popular among celebrities today. Raymond Weil has had several innovative collections in its history from 1995’s Tango Collection to the 2003 Parsifal Collection. Raymond Weil watches incorporate timeless craftsmanship with modern style. They recently redesigned their logo, changed the .pany color to dark brown and changed the .pany’s motto to "Independence is a state of mind." Swatch was started in 1983 also in Switzerland. Its goal was to make watches affordable, innovative and cool. In the 1960s and 1970s, Asian brands like Sieko and Citizen had captured a good portion of the affordable watch market. They offered mostly digital selections that were very popular. Swatch watches wanted to take part of the market back and turn a generation of young people onto analog watches. They did this by offering hip, artistic watches that were very trendy. They paired with artists like Keith Haring and Annie Leibovitz to create some incredible time pieces. Even their non-artist watches were design driven. The watches caught on in a big way. In the 1980s it was a trend to wear two Swatches at once, use a Swatch watch as a hair tie, or wear a Swatch watch around your neck. Today, Swatch watches remain popular for many of the same reasons. They offer exceptional quality and design for a bargain price. They pair with some of the best artists and designer to offer special collections and they look great. Swatch watches make great gifts for young people. They also offer young people the opportunity to wear a different watch with every outfit because you can afford multiple swatch watches on any salary! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: