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[reading] common parenting problems to you Dr. Lara Dr. Lara answers – Sohu maternal parenting problems common to give you the answer read "Dr. Lara answer — fix parents ask 72 issues" the most by 1980 before a wide expanse of mist-covered waters and have no contact with Dr. Lara about parenting book, before the special love Sears series of children’s book. It is love, Sears’s book let me raise a child uncertain heart stabilized, give me a lot of knowledge in all aspects. Make me from a mother without foundation, slowly in the heart of the bottom. Later, I have access to a number of information found that the gentle parenting law and intimate parenting are positive education, the difference in the focus of different. I love these two parenting methods, but also more suitable for me. When the two book "I met Dr. Lara, Dr. Lara — who asked parents fix 72 questions" and "the most peaceful upbringing method (children articles)", especially love Dr. Lara, her book is practical, a thick book is not heavy, and easy to understand can get the solution, benefit. Lara? (Dr. Laura Markham) Dr. Markham, a major advocate of the prevailing "and" the theory of American parents and children, the influential parenting website AhaParenting founder and editor in chief, the website provides a full range of children from birth to teenage parenting guidance for parents. Lara has a doctorate in clinical psychology at Columbia University, has worked as a child care guide for countless families. She was the mother of two children and the aunt of the nine. She works, "parents and children", "happy Ping Ping and upbringing method (children articles)", "Dr. Lara answer: parents ask 72 questions to fix up", and published hundreds of articles in the nursery at a number of sites, also served as the Mothering and Pregnancy net station experts. A child is a character temper, corresponding to one of the parents of a temper, coupled with grandparents, is the key area of parental conflict. Coupled with the opening of the national policy, the birth of two children, face up to more than two or more children, the problem is still to be resolved, followed by the question of two. 72 of Dr. Lara’s parents knew, mainly from the cultivation of good habits, parents, EQ challenges and the home has two treasure five aspects, make a detailed answer: from the different stages of psychological and physiological aspects of children development, from parents should know and can control problems, and gives the professional answer. The 72 questions that I began to study. My reading preference is to start from the simple, answer type book give me a dictionary to feel, to find answers to problems. Although my first child is over nine years old, there are still a lot of questions that have not been answered in the process of parenting. A lot of questions even got the answer is scanty. Would also like to see some of the answers are right, and feel specious, not suitable for their children. In short, it is so confused, while feeling the stones.相关的主题文章: