Reflection on the education of young students a new network focus on the extras in American high sch

Reflection on the education of young students: a new network focus on the "extras" of the American high school – I am studying in the United States has more than 4 years, to American culture is a very interesting process. I have been taught to respect the teachers, the highest score, less to do nothing to do with learning. But from the first day of high school in the United States, I got a very different experience. Remember that half of high school in the United States on the first day of class, the school bell rang. I do not know what happened, was particularly afraid of students around the orderly departure from the classroom to the playground collection. It turned out to be an earthquake drill every semester. Recall that when I was in the country to go to school, but also experienced an earthquake drill, but at the time of their own and students are holding a kind of attitude to deal with, did not exercise as a serious thing. The American high school mathematics, language courses, pay attention to guide students to think actively, rather than passive exercises. Sports, art and music in the Chinese belongs to the "extras" course, every day will come. On the one hand, it makes me feel that the culture class is very easy; on the other hand, I realized that the ability of the body and other aspects of music, I am much worse than the American students. For example, I chose the chorus of music course, this thought can muddle through in hundreds of people, found impossible — within one semester, need to learn a few songs in a chorus competition and several performances; in addition, also following a small team composed of 10 optional songs performed for everyone in solo performances, but also to the understanding of the song speech. A semester down, let me change the culture of the past only pay attention to psychology. The relationship between teachers and students is also very close. The school has a special office to help students solve school problems, including any students tell their own dissatisfaction, the contradiction between the recommendations of the school, the teacher usually listen carefully and then give solutions. Each semester there are one of the most interesting activities in a given day, the headmaster was tied to the wall, students can throw him cream body, as well as a variety of practical joke. All of these make people feel that the teacher is not superior to the president even. For 4 years, I feel a great difference between Chinese and American education methods and ideas. Chinese education pays more attention to students’ knowledge, while the United States pays more attention to the cultivation of students’ learning ability. I can’t judge the difference between the two. But I know that it is these two different educational systems that make me better now. (author: Tan Jinlu, female, from high school to study in the United States so far)相关的主题文章: