Refused to mention tea sister Liu Qiangdong explained not for

Refused to mention tea sister? Liu Qiangdong explained: not for users of Liu Qiangdong recently, because of the ban on the name of the name of the tea sister, sister, sparked heated debate on the issue of. At noon today, Liu Qiangdong explained the matter at micro-blog. He said that his remarks are not for users, it is due to the day a private party who ignores his good reminder, so he was in such a circle of friends content. Liu Qiangdong micro-blog Original: recently on a business trip abroad, rest on Sunday to know that I have a circle of friends these days triggered a discussion. Since everybody was watching it, I think is necessary and we say a few words: 1 this is me in my circle of friends, friends say, intimate circle of friends is not on the scene, the majority of users is not even on the employees of the Jingdong. The 2 thing is the day due to a private gathering of people ignore me remind, many times in front of me not to call my wife surnamed. So after the end of the party made a circle of friends expressed dissatisfaction and hope that friends can change. 3 I hope everyone in the privacy of the environment can not be free to spread! Sorry to disturb you! Micro-blog screenshot相关的主题文章: