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Elder-Care Its widely said that when you teach a boy you teach him alone, but when you teach a girl you teach the entire family. This I think was the main motto for a lot of female literacy programs. You cant deny this fact, as it is undoubtedly true. Teaching is still widely done by more women than men, especially in lower standards. Thats the reason why the Relief India Trust promotes 2 things; literacy for girls and also for women. It seems quite adequate to concentrate on one literacy program and get done with it and not to look at the other segments. The truth however is the fact that one cannot survive without the others. So its essential that you not only educate the girls, but the other women in the family as well. We all want to see a change in the way a family reacts to the girl wanting to study more as the family needs to support that. To get to this ideal state, its important that we make the women of the house literate. We are not talking about getting them a PhD however, some basic education is important for survival. Today they may have men in their lives supporting them, but when these men are not around a woman should be able to support herself and the family on her own. This kind of education is the most important and it is not only helping her but the whole community. Literacy plays a huge part in cutting down a lot of problems as well. Thats why at the Relief India Trust, our volunteers work for promoting more and more education programs. There are many of the volunteers who work in corporate and help us out whenever and however possible for them. They help us with many of these literacy programs. They want to give a meaning to their lives and get out of just the normal running behind the money game that they have. The volunteers can take all the help that they get through the trust and thats why they at Relief India Trust also encourage large corporations to set up their CSR activities with them. The time that they spend, they get the credit for that, and the rest of the volunteers get a helping hand. The people who are helped in the process are exposed to a little bit of corporate culture and the kids may be pushed to excel more and stay out of any troubles. So let us look at the help that we need: We need people who can run literacy programs at various locations. We would also like a lot of books and other stationary that we can use for all the literacy work. Full time volunteers. This one is important for us to be able to keep a steady program running, we do need volunteers. No matter how much we emphasize on the need of literacy its not enough. We are determined to make this world better and literacy is the most important thing that will get us there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: