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Report: received nearly 1 telephone harassment – average per person per day China Beijing Nanfang Daily News (reporter Ye Dan) the day before, the largest Internet phone service provider TouchPal phone released "2016 Chinese telephone harassment situation analysis report". The report shows that from August 2015 to July 2016, the total number of phone calls to intercept a total of 32 billion 200 million times the number of harassing phone calls, the average daily production of about 90 million harassing phone calls. Assuming that the total number of mobile phone users in China is currently 1 billion people, then the average daily per person will receive nearly 1 harassing phone calls. According to statistics, the number of harassing phone calls, the average number of harassing phone number of life is only 6.61 days. In the meantime, the average number of calls per harassing phone number is 328 times, the average duration of each call is 29 seconds. It is worth mentioning that, although only a short period of 6.61 days of survival, but the average number of harassing phone calls per user actually as many as 255, while the most powerful harassing phone harassment is the user of the 1207534. Big data security experts said, "with the popularity of smart mobile phone, telephone harassment, fraud phone growth significantly, is gradually replacing computer viruses, phishing sites become new threats to the security of user information in the mobile Internet era." The report shows that in 2016 Chinese telephone harassment situation and trend of development has 6 characteristics: advertising beyond the "ring" has become the most harassing phone calls; telephone harassment, aimed at the economic developed area, the north of Guangzhou and other big city user harassment probability; telephone harassment, fraud to hot social trend is more obvious; the Spring Festival telephone harassment at least, but after the Spring Festival of telephone harassment increased sharply; Wednesday is harassing phone 9 to 10 peak, most harassing phone calls; men received harassing phone number, users over the age of 45 most likely received telephone harassment. Advertising sales, financial fraud into the 2016 China harassing phone new threat data show that, from the type of harassing phone calls, advertising has become the main mobile phone users harassment type, accounting for more than 30.1%. And mobile phone users have been plagued by a loud phone declined, accounting for only 24.3%. At the same time, fraud phone, real estate agency in the proportion of harassing phone calls increased, which accounted for 15.9% of fraudulent phone. In the classification of telephone fraud, the largest number of financial fraud telephone number, accounting for nearly 4. In addition, the identity of the fraudulent phone fraud phone type, also showed an upward trend, accounting for up to 26.3%. North area Guangcheng telephone harassment, harassment over the age of 45 most likely it is understood that in the distribution area of telephone harassment, the economically developed regions and provinces are more likely to be eyeing telephone harassment. Among them, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong ranked the top three in the past year were 86.2%, 83.5% and 82.9% of users received harassing phone calls. At the same time, over the past year, more than 8 users receive harassing phone calls in the province up to 7, in addition to the top three cities, as well as Tianjin, Zhejiang, Hubei and Chongqing. Big data security experts lost相关的主题文章: