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Ruby Lin was drinking controversial comeback: the sea [Abstract] a lot of her sisters Hsu Chi and Vivian Hsu fit recently, he was friends found his hand was glass, questioned pregnant women should not drink, in this regard, Ruby Lin in the face book issued by the sea a lot of people suspected to counter attack. Pregnant Ruby Lin for holding the glass trigger hot Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "in the electronic newspaper" reported on September 21st, showbiz famous gold in the year 520 3S lady Ruby Lin, and Ren love Wallace Huo, in July 31st after Bali Island successfully married, successfully bypassing the gold 3S lady titles, and she was photographed several times micro convex ball marry rumors, then her mothering feast on personally confirmed, he will be in the next spring upgraded when mom, she just fit the recent good sisters Hsu Chi and Vivian Hsu, he was friends found that hand was wine cup, questioned the pregnant women should not drink, in this regard, Ruby Lin in the face book issued "a lot of people suspected to retaliate the sea. Hsu Chi 3 this month announced without warning flash marriage marriage hearing came to Hong Kong star Stephen Fung, shocked showbiz, and her 16 days after the first return to Taiwan, husband Stephen Fung 19, also love to fly to Taiwan, yesterday (20 days) and Hsu Chi happy friends eat dinner together, although not every can see Durham, buddy Ruby Lin, Vivian Hsu then, she saw her photo in the micro-blog PO, wearing jeans, happy in front of the camera than the YA, Vivian Hsu hugged her sisters in the back, while Ruby Lin took the glass of sweet smile, 3 goddess with box let netizens praised "the most beautiful photos". Only netizens questioned Ruby Lin’s wine cup, saying that "pregnant women should not drink?"" "Drinking is not good for the baby" accident on the Internet hot debate. The Ruby Lin this posting on face book, wrote a "sea of people a lot of" suspected counterattack justice of evil, fans followed suit, accused of "too much" tube too wide people, more people think the Ruby Lin act has been very low-key, occasionally relax should not be scrutinized. Ruby Lin, Hsu Chi, Xu & #29764; sister gatherings; Wang Xiaofei’s daughter slaves

林心如怀孕喝酒惹争议 回击:海边人好多  [摘要]她近日合体好姐妹舒淇、徐若瑄,却被网友发现手里拿的竟是酒杯,遭质疑孕妇不该喝酒,对此,林心如于脸书发文“海边人好多”疑似做出反击。  有身孕的林心如因拿着酒杯引发热议  腾讯娱乐讯 据台湾媒体《中时电子报》9月21日报道,演艺圈知名黄金剩女林心如,在今年520大方任爱霍建华,后于7月31日于巴厘岛顺利完婚,成功甩开黄金剩女封号,而她数度被拍到小腹微凸,带球嫁的传言甚嚣尘上,随后她在归宁宴上亲口证实,自己将在明年春天升格当妈,只是她近日合体好姐妹舒淇、徐若瑄,却被网友发现手里拿的竟是酒杯,遭质疑孕妇不该喝酒,对此,林心如于脸书发文“海边人好多”疑似做出反击。  舒淇本月3日无预警宣布闪嫁港星冯德伦,婚讯传出震撼演艺圈,而她16日婚后首度返台,老公冯德伦19日也爱相随飞抵台湾,昨(20日)舒淇开心和好友吃大餐相聚,虽然不见逢德伦,却可见到好友林心如、徐若瑄,随后她在微博PO出合照,只见她穿着牛仔吊带裤,开心对着镜头比YA,徐若瑄在后面搂着好姐妹,而林心如则拿着酒杯甜笑,3大女神同框让网友夸赞“最美照片”。  只是网友却对林心如手拿酒杯提出质疑,纷纷表示“孕妇不是不该喝酒?”、“喝酒对宝宝不好”意外在网上掀起热议。当事人林心如今在脸书发文,写下“海边人好多”疑似反击正义魔人,粉丝也随之附和,指责“管太宽的人太多”,更有人认为林心如行事已经很低调,偶尔放松不该被放大检视。 林心如舒淇徐若瑄姐妹聚会 汪小菲变女儿奴相关的主题文章: