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Samsung Note  7 China incident to consumers apologize — communication channel, September 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yu Jianbin) recently occurred in the Samsung Note7 mobile phone recall and burning loss events, and because of the lack of detailed instructions to consumers brings trouble and worry on product safety, China Samsung in September 29th in a statement on its official website to apologize to consumers, at the same time that Samsung attaches great importance to China market, never and will never use a double standard for China. In a statement, Chinese Samsung said that in September 1st, sales of Chinese official of the state line version of Note 7 is controlled under the system of production in the global unified quality standard and product, is used and overseas in September 2nd announced the recall of products of different suppliers of battery products. Currently, the replacement of the new Note 7 products in the overseas market also uses the same supplier provided by the national line version of the battery. So far, more than 150 thousand of consumers worldwide, including more than 1 million of consumers are using. According to the statement, before the official listing of Note7, Samsung through the Lok ha community and other channels, with the old way to provide consumers with 1858 test experience machine. Because the test experience using the same as the United States, South Korea, the market needs to recall the battery, there may be potential risks. Samsung is currently active in the relevant state departments for the record, in accordance with the global standards for recycling. So far most of the test machine has been recovered, the remaining part of the ongoing communication with the user contact. For the Chinese version of the Note 7 occurred in the event of burning loss, Samsung said it would take the initiative to contact the user for the first time and access to relevant information. Under the premise of obtaining the user’s permission, Samsung joint battery suppliers and third party authority to detect the problem of a comprehensive inspection of the product. After receiving the other issues of burning products, Samsung will carry out the relevant testing, reported to the relevant government departments and timely disclosure of relevant test results. It is reported that, in case of Note7 mobile fuel loss, consumers can contact the customer service hotline Samsung (4008105858), there will be someone to answer and deal with related issues. (end) (commissioning editor Yang Bo and Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: