Samsung’s new machine C9 run score exposure even equipped with 6GB

Samsung’s new machine C9 run score exposure was equipped with 6GB memory digital news Tencent (blue) when the Samsung GALAXY Note is equipped with 6GB memory 7 emperor version published has not been below, but now seems Samsung will usher in a new machine with 6GB of memory, this is the recent frequent exposure of GALAXY C9. The day before, in the running of site GeekBench and security Bunny appeared in the figure, and display with Xiaolong 652 processor with 6GB of memory, before and after loading 16 million pixel camera and 6 Inch Touch screen, is expected to officially debut in October. Equipped with 6GB memory this year, a lot of Android mobile phones are used on the 6GB memory, Samsung has also prepared for the GALAXY Note 7 6GB memory emperor version, but there has been no news of the sale. And now, according to GeekBench website run the latest information display, Samsung’s upcoming GALAXY C9 is not only equipped with the MSM8976 (Xiaolong 652) processor, and is equipped with 6GB of memory, so in the end product positioning under the condition of such specifications is also somewhat surprising. Not only that, then the security Bunny also published on the part of micro-blog C9 and Samsung GALAXY specifications to run sub scores, and show the new machine is equipped with 6GB of memory and Xiaolong 652 processor, and 64GB of storage space, equipped with Android6.0.1 system and has a 6 Inch Touch screen, and also has a 16 million pixel front camera and the 16 million pixel camera, the bunny ran about 9 extreme scores. The main function of the self storage combination of course, the emergence of Samsung GALAXY C9 6GB RAM+64GB ROM, there may be the high version, there will be 4GB RAM+32GB ROM storage Portfolio Standard Version introduction. In addition, Samsung is equipped with 16 million pixel front camera lens initiatives, but also means that the GALAXY C series flagship will be self timer function, so as to compete with OPPO and vivo and other similar models. Prior to this, the Samsung GALAXY C9 mobile phone model SM-C9000 has appeared in India import and export logistics website zauba database, and display with a 6 Inch Touch screen, although temporarily clear resolution, but is expected to be 1080p specifications. At the same time as the market for Chinese "special type", with dual sim dual standby and full CNC function, nature is essential. The fastest October release of Samsung GALAXY C9 also rumored to be the continuation of the family series of metal body and colorful color design, and support for fingerprint recognition and Samsung Pay features, with the flagship model of the same screen often bright technology. And as a special machine for Chinese market, Samsung GALAXY C9 will increase the number of consumers with China functions, such as red alert, against the pseudo base SMS, but will increase the MST module, so as to enhance the use of Samsung smart pay.相关的主题文章: