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The upgrade is always on the road — Wuyishan Golden Week tourism in three — 2015, the travel channel in 2016 eleven golden week tourists daily comparison of National Day Golden Week this year, Wuyishan is a city of the golden week be not of the common sort, under pressure as a driving force to seriously implement the rectification and improvement in global 5A scenic spot, tourism strategy. Golden Week tourism running smoothly, in order. According to statistics, the city received a total of 336 thousand tourists trips, an increase of 1.14%, total tourism revenue of $428 million, an increase of 3.80%. Tourism is always on the road. The National Day golden week, tourists questionnaire to provide the city tourism bureau shows the following characteristics: free tourism become the dominant way; to enhance the overall level of consumption of tourists; characteristic choice of accommodation types; East China region and the province market constitute the mainstream of the holiday market; tourist attractions diversification; travel network is scheduled to become the main means. It is particularly worth mentioning is that in Wuyishan during the National Day holiday tourism tourists complaints rate decreased by 30.77%, completion rate of 100%. Visitors to Wuyishan tourism overall satisfaction was 97.23%, an increase of 2 percentage points last year. Golden week hard won Wuyishan City Department of tourism highlights the work of the golden week, it will be the top priority of the tourism order rectification work. For seven days, every morning, traffic regulation group organize personnel to the scenic entrance traffic facilities to conduct a comprehensive investigation, strengthen internal management of scenic parking places, especially for the high-speed road, South Road nine scenic and underground parking lot, Cloud River rafting, scenic road and other key sections, increase the illegal operation of tricycles the regulation and combat. The joint law enforcement team organized by law enforcement personnel, public security, transportation, tourism, scenic spots and other departments of administrative law enforcement, "field guide" rectification in accordance with the "combination of block to block based" principle, take along the road patrol, waiting and other key areas, in the area of intersection, high-speed road, LAN Tang Bridge, Wuyi palace and visitors center to carry out inspections, thorough investigation of illegal car soliciting, undocumented engaged in the tour guide occupation behavior, standardize the area south entrance scheduling tours appointment service mechanism, scenic tourist center south entrance was added, providing promotional materials for tourists to receive free. Golden week has not yet ended, Wuyishan scenic tourism rectification and upgrading work and embarked on a new journey. 11 October 7th morning, the reporter went to the City Tourism Bureau, Wuyishan City Vice Mayor Zhang Xianjun is called the Tourism Bureau open meetings, in consultation with the golden week, interrogation pulse problems, arrangements for the next phase of work. After the interview with reporters, Zhang Xianjun, said: the end of the golden week, but Wuyishan tourism rectification work is still on the road, travel is always on the road to upgrade. We must continue to increase efforts to form a long-term mechanism, the normalization of supervision, and constantly purify the tourism market, polished 5A scenic brand, polish the Pearl of the Wuyishan Fujian tourism." Raft service: positive energy accumulation of bamboo immediately landed, we care, Caution!, slowly ashore." In October 7th, the National Day Golden Week seventh days, at 10:30 in the morning, Fujian Wuyishan JIUQUXI pier raft scenic area, female bamboo)相关的主题文章: