Scientists say the earth will be destroyed by

Scientists say the earth will be destroyed or due to overpopulation source: global network according to the Russian Vistanews news network November 13th news, American Museum of Natural History scientists said, by 2100 the earth’s population will reach 11 billion, overpopulation or will become one of the causes of the destruction of the earth. The museum staff conducted a large volume of demographic studies on the growth of the earth’s population over the past 200 years. Data show that the population of the earth during this period increased by 6 times, from 1 billion to 7 billion. According to scientists, one of the reasons for the end of the world is overpopulation. They speculate that by 2100 the global population will reach 11 billion, the earth is facing the threat of overpopulation. At present, the earth has for the human economic activities and devastation. Human deforestation and global warming have led to massive extinction of tropical and subtropical birds, according to experts. If this momentum has not been curbed, there will be more than 200 kinds of birds from the earth completely disappeared. (internship compilation: Meng Anru reviewer: Zhai Lu man)相关的主题文章: