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Scientists tracking migratory wild birds, as a possible bird flu outbreak warning – Sohu technology [Technews] science news scientists found by tracking wild bird migration routes, to provide information for us to provide a possible outbreak of avian flu. The study was based on previous studies showing that migratory birds could help the deadly bird flu virus spread around the world. There is growing evidence that infectious diseases often follow the process of migratory wild birds, through thousands of miles of flight to spread around the world. Due to certain strains of avian influenza in birds is very deadly, caused a great threat to the world poultry livestock industry, of which there are a few strains of virus can infect humans and cause harm to life. For example, highly pathogenic avian influenza Pathogenic (Highly Avian Influenza, HPAI) is a deadly threat to birds, 100% of infected birds will die within a few days after infection. Dr. Derek Gatherer of the University of Lancaster in England, describe wild duck geese and other wild birds every year from their breeding areas to warm regions to avoid the winter path, like people on the plane, with the spread of infectious diseases in between continents. The risk of an outbreak of bird flu is associated with the migration of migratory birds carrying influenza viruses. The poultry and wild birds are completely isolated from this study, the research team found that the 2014 outbreak of H5N8 avian influenza virus is from the outbreak of the Korean, and spread to the rest of the world. The H5N8 bird flu virus in between the autumn of 2014 to the spring of 2015, spread to Japan, North America and Europe, the outbreak among poultry. This study gathered from around the world in 32 different units of collaborating scientists, scientists analyzed the wild birds infected with H5N8 migration path, and then compared to infected birds in the isolated virus gene from 16 different countries collected. The results of the study found that most of the H5N8 virus has been transmitted from Asia to Europe and North America through long-distance flights by the wild birds, and this study has been published in the famous scientific journal Science. The researchers said the results show that more stringent checks need to poultry farming process, will highlight the importance of poultry and wild bird isolated completely. To monitor in birds breeding area, early step to obtain information, know a few specific bird flu virus may cause the birds or the threat of people. Avian influenza is a major threat to the health of the world’s chicken industry, says Samantha Lycett, PhD, author of the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh. Our research shows that through the sharing of information between partners, to do a good job monitoring work, you can track the spread of infection across the continent path." Professor Mark Woolhouse, also from the University of Edinburgh, said:相关的主题文章: