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Advertising A lot of people these days are out there busting their hump trying to get their home based business off the ground. Doing home meetings, handing out flyers, giving brochures or CD’s to anyone who will take them. I give them credit for being out there and doing what 97 percent of the population won’t do. They get out there and put themselves on the line no matter how much rejection they get, with the belief that sooner or later they will have success as long as they talk with enough people. For some people that will work, and for some it won’t. Why do you ask? I’ll tell you why. While most network marketers are out there promoting their company, their products, and their comp plan, there are others out there promoting themselves and having great success! Promoting themselves? But I don’t have my own MLM company! I’m not a Network Marketing company CEO! I’m just a plain old rep, distributor, marketing director, or whatever tag you use. No, you don’t own your own company, but what you do have is your own business. We here at The Networkers Nest subscribe to the You Inc. business model. You Inc? Yes, You Inc! What exactly is that you ask? Great question. It’s actually pretty simple if you think about it. Well keep on reading and allow me to explain. First, let’s think about this for a second. Every major company, whether its in the network marketing industry or not, has to brand themselves to differentiate them from everyone else, right? They need to develop their own company style or flavor. Just look at Nike! You could regurgitate their "just do it" slogan in your sleep. Pop quiz. How many flavors does Baskin Robbins have? Again you could answer that one even if you were under anesthesia. Yup, 31! My point being is that these companies have become household names, and everyone knows their slogans. How did they do this? They marketed themselves! Well that’s what the "You Inc" business model revolves around…you! You need to start marketing yourself as your own brand. Develop your own flavor, not just whatever product your company is offering. Job number one of this adventure begins with developing your list. As a distributor for a company you own nothing. You don’t own your spot in the business, you don’t own the name of the company or any of its marketing materials, and you don’t own stock in the company itself. The company has complete and total control of itself as an entity, as it should. They have policies and procedures to follow if you want to remain in good standing, which you should. They even have rules that govern how the money earned will be distributed, which you should follow. The only thing that you, or should I say You Inc owns and has complete control over is your list. Now I don’t know if your building your list on the web, on paper, or just going through the phonebook, but however you’re doing it, it’s yours! If your primary opportunity went out of business, moved to a traditional retail model, or perhaps gives you the boot, you still have your list to take with you. The next task to undertake is to develop some personal training courses on how to build an MLM, or how to generate online traffic. Offer something of value to your target market. Keep your customers in mind first and foremost. Like the old saying goes, I don’t care about your weed killer, I just care about my crabgrass! If you bring value to your customers, you will develop trust and a lasting relationship. One and done deals are not the way to build trust or You Inc. Lastly, another benefit to starting You Inc, is to develop multiple streams of income. As you continue to add value to your subscibers, your list will grow. As your list grows, you will have more leads for your primary opportunity, and for the services you offer through your own marketing efforts. Even if your current company disappeared, it wouldn’t matter if you were marketing You Inc. It’s the whole two sides of the same coin thing. Develop the business of you, along with your network marketing opportunity and you just may realize financial gains that people are dreaming about! Scott Carrell NetworkersNest About the Author: 相关的主题文章: