Second horror film! Friends make your name Thriller version. (video) onavo protect

Second horror film! Friends make your name "Thriller version. The topic of the recent fire should be your name. "The bar. Recently, there are users using the trailer has been released, your name. Changed into a horror film style. [terrorist] moo. "King of the name" moo. "Lumira, Tel & #12540 film; nursing after TA RA!? In this film, producers will screen dim plus horror sound and compact clips, create an atmosphere of a very full of suspense. Your name. "The story takes place in Japan mountain country town, time is one month before returning once every thousand years of comets. Lived a sad life here in the female high school students every day and she worries the clover, not only as the father of the mayor’s election campaign, there is a shrine of ancient traditions. In this small town, there are only some old people who love to worry about. To this end, the city is full of longing for three gorges. But one day, I made a dream of being a boy. There is a strange room, strange friends, and the eyes of the streets of Tokyo. Clover although confused, but to yearn day and night of city life, let her feel refreshed. On the other hand, living in Tokyo, male high school students spend long Li also made a strange dream, he had never been in a small town in the mountains, a female high school students. Two people in this dream met each other. It seems that the story of a thriller to also very aspect. But netizens said, God really can consider making it a horror to the movie, can also become a masterpiece! Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: