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Press-Releases ARIZONA, USA, December 9, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — (SelfImprovementGifts5[dot]com) – Self improvement guru Stephanie Mulac says of her latest gift giveaway event – the fifth of her annual self improvement giveaway series which offers visitors free downloadable gifts worth thousands of dollars – "When it came to finding an audience for our gifts this year we realized that the majority of the people we would normally target online are hanging out on Facebook. So this year we are taking our event right to them." Stephanie is certainly right about the sway Facebook has with online users. With more than 530 million registered users on its site, Facebook fully qualifies as an "online continent" in its own right. It is now safe to say that social media platforms have grown to such an extent in recent years that internet marketers ignore them at their own peril. But not every marketer has been able to make Facebook work for them, which is why Stephanie has been studying the platform to see how to bring people into her event on their own terms. "What we realized early on was that the Like feature was the key to convincing Facebook users to take a second look at our event. The Like button is the means to making our promotion go viral." She is not alone in this thinking. Lately the Facebook Like button has been appearing on content all across the web. When visitors to a site like a news story, or an article, they can register their approval by clicking on the Like button. But they are doing more than simply letting the content creator know that they have done a good job with their content. Facebook will actually broadcast this nod of approval to friends of the person who clicked on the Like button, assuming they are a Facebook user and they are logged into the site. Here’s Facebook’s description of what is going on: "When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website." So what does that mean? Simply that if you are fortunate enough to have pleased a Facebook user with thousands of Facebook friends, then there is a good chance that a large number of them are going to be considering visiting your site to see what all the fuss is about. And if they Like it too, then their friends will get to find out about it… This is the power of viral marketing that every marketer would love to be able to tap into. And in turn, the outcome that Stephanie Mulac is hoping to achieve this year with her Self Improvement Gifts 5 giveaway event, set to launch on January 6th, 2011. To help her with that goal, Stephanie has teamed up with self esteem expert Dr. Joe Rubino, and health and fitness professional Carolyn Hansen. Together they will be marshalling the forces of the self help crowd to bring together hundreds of free gifts in the self help niches – gifts with a combined value in the thousands of dollars. But before the event launches, the three organizers of the giveaway will be making available pre-launch gifts – one each week – during the period leading up to the giveaway. Anyone interested in the event, and in claiming their first gift, can simply head across to the event’s Facebook page and check out Stephanie’s clever "reveal technique" to arouse curiosity and spread the word about the giveaway using her variation on the Like theme. On the Facebook page for Self Improvement Gifts 5 – which can be found at .www.facebook[dot]com/selfimprovementgifts – users will be challenged with a question, the answer for which can be verified by clicking on the Like button for the page. When they do so, they also get access to the current list of free gifts, which grows, week by week, until the event launches and they can register for hundreds of extra similar gifts. With four previously successful giveaway events already under her belt, Stephanie is looking to make this year’s event the biggest one yet. And if Facebook proves to be the traffic juggernaut that she hopes it will, it is a safe bet that we will be seeing this social platform integrated even more tightly into giveaway events in the future. To register as a JV partner/gift contributor for Stephanie, Joe and Carolyn’s upcoming Self Improvement Gifts 5 Giveaway Event, visit .selfimprovementgifts5[dot]com/jvinvite on or after December 9, 2010 when JV invites begin. To join as a free member, when the event begins on January 6, 2011 – register here: .selfimprovementgifts5[dot]./joinfree About the Authors Stephanie Mulac is a full-time coach and marketer who runs an annual Self Improvement Gifts giveaway event for self help professionals (which costs nothing to sign up for). Dr. Joe Rubino is a self improvement expert who has published numerous titles on the subject of building self esteem. Carolyn Hansen is a certified fitness professional who owns Anytime Fitness gym in Whangarei, New Zealand. She recently released a healthy eating system designed to assist people with their fat loss goals, one meal at a time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: