Sending Traffic To Your List Building Page Part 3, Got Article, Where Travel-ravbin

Marketing In many previous articles, I have written about how to write articles–what to write about, how to focus, etc. But I don’t think I’ve ever written about what to do with them, once they’re written. OK, so… When you’re done, guess what? You get to rewrite the article all over again. Yep. Paragraph by paragraph. Rewrite it completely. Think about what it says, and just use different words, like this **Can list building be the most important thing that an Internet marketer can do? Of course it is! Without a list of people who know and trust you, you won’t be able to sell a thing. People have to know you first and foremost. They need to like you and enjoy your messages, and they need to know that you’ve tried a product and think it rocks the party. Then, they’ll buy from you. Now, we’ll rewrite: **People who don’t trust you, won’t buy. It’s that simple. So for an Internet marketer to succeed, he or she needs to build a list of people that they write to often. The people need to get to know you and trust you. And when you send something out about a product, they want to know that you recommend it because it’s great. Then, they’ll buy. So, list building really is the most important aspect of Internet marketing. Read both paragraphs again. Don’t they say pretty much the same thing? You’ve just said it in different words. So, take paragraph 2 and rewrite it and paragraph three and rewrite it and so on. And when you’re done, then rewrite article 2 again. If you tile your windows vertically, you’ll be able to see all three versions at the same time and it will help you stay on track. Why should you bother to do that? For the search engines. They don’t want a whole bunch of duplicate content showing up on their results pages, and so, they only give credit to one site for having an article and it may not be yours. The other ones will just be ignored. Don’t ever put the same article up on a blog or on your site that you distribute to directories. This system of rewriting your article twice assures that you’re getting fresh content out there. Your site or blog will house one version. You should upload another version to a high-traffic site like Ezine Articles, and then, put the third version into syndication with a site like iSnare. This gives you maximum benefit from one article. Articles in distribution are always smart. That way, you have links leading back, at least until the search engines filter out the duplicate content. You have a good article in a high-traffic directory, leading back to your squeeze page, and you have unique content on your site, which the search engines love. You’ll also have more articles by mixing the paragraphs from the three versions. You may want to vary your directory submissions, too. But you’ll find that you can only do it so much before the articles are too similar. One way to check is by going to ..dupecop… Articles should be at least 35% different before you use them. But you’ll still have more links pointing back by submitting different versions to different directories. Above 35%, chances are the search engines will consider your content unique. It’s a great idea to get the maximum mileage out of your ideas. They aren’t that easy to .e by! By recycling your articles, it’s much easier than starting all over from scratch, and when you rewrite them this way, you’re saving a lot of time and effort. Let’s talk podcasting next time. Ready for more? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: