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When? 4th August Where? Holiday Inn Peterborough West. Last week, KPI held an SEO training course in a new location – Peterborough. All of the companies that attended came from a number of areas, including Stamford, March, Kings Lynn and Peterborough itself. The course is open to any kind of business: an excellent assortment of businesses attended Peterborough from the following fields: – Dentistry – Petrochemical industry – Cartridge supply – Fancy dress – Castor supply – Beauty – Behavioural change – Horticulture. Why did these companies choose to attend the training course? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a natural way of achieving higher rankings on the search engines, namely Google. A lot of companies pay an unnecessary amount of money to achieve these results: all that is needed isand commitment. If you can learn how to do it yourself, 100% free, then why not? Getting your business on Page One of Google is vital; the higher up you are in Google – the more people there will be who will look at your website – the more leads your website will generate. Graham Loosley, the lead trainer, goes through the basics of SEO step-by-step. Some of the topics covered include Social Media, Google Keyword Tools, Blogging, and Google Page Rank. The course goes on for one day only, from 9 until 5, where lunch and refreshments are included. The course itself is government funded by TCHC, on a Pay-and-Reclaim basis. This is an ideal scheme, as the course is aimed at small to medium sized businesses. How will they benefit from the course? If businesses pursue what they learned they will certainly achieve higher rankings in Google from natural search. All that is required after attending the course is 2-3 days work on the website. Once this is completed, the business needs to devote only 2 hours per week to website updates so that it is continuously search-engine friendly. Businesses receive a course manual on the day, which goes into further detail about the topics covered by Graham. Follow-up support, free of charge, is also available after the course if the companies are unsure about any of the issues discussed on the day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: