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20 serie a top paid player: AC Milan + inter ace of the highest paid player in Serie A and "Gonzalo Higuain became Gonzalo Higuain sina sports according to the Convention, after the transfer window closed," Milan sports newspaper "the disclosure of the 20 serie a team payroll, from the total point of view, Juventus 145 million euros in wages at the top of the table, the 120 million Milan international the euro ranked second. From the individual players, 90 million worth of Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain has become a top salary in Argentina. 20 serie a top paid player according to "Milan sports newspaper" the disclosure of data, Gonzalo Higuain’s annual salary of up to 7 million 500 thousand euros, which made him become the Serie A new salary king, after topping the list was De Rossi of Rome, the red wolf team vice annual salary of 6 million 500 thousand euros. De Rossi with Gonzalo Higuain’s salary is out in front of a large portion of players. AC Milan is the top paid player Baca, annual salary of 3 million 500 thousand euros, while the Milan international top paid player for I Karl Di, the annual salary of 3 million 600 thousand euros. Naples Hamm Hick annual salary of up to 3 million 500 thousand euros for the team, the maximum salary, but the numbers are still not up to half the annual salary of Gonzalo Higuain. With wages and icardi Baca is only 7 million 100 thousand euros, is harder than Gonzalo Higuain. Related reading "" wage "list: Serie A inter and Juventus teams ranked fourth of billions of dollars of AC Milan top 20 highest paid player in Serie A (unit Euro): Juventus Rome De Rossi 6 million 500 thousand Gonzalo Higuain 7 million 500 thousand Milan international icardi 3 million 600 thousand AC Milan 3 million 500 thousand J Hamm Hick 3 million 500 thousand Lazio Hussein Moby Eli 2 million, Naples Bologna Destro 1 million 800 thousand Florence 1 million 700 thousand Valero Quagliarella 1 million 200 thousand Sa Solo Berardi 1 million 400 thousand bright jaic Sampdoria 1 million 100 thousand Genoa Palin 1 million 100 thousand Cagliari Borriello 1 million Palo J Ki Atlanta 1 million Udine J D- Zapata 1 million Enebo Lisa Bona La 900 thousand in Palermo B- well G 700 thousand 700 thousand 500 thousand Kroto Neck Lee Sethi G Pepe de Guzman Chievo Pescara 400 thousand (Wellman)相关的主题文章: