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Motorcycles Along with the increased economy, the price of petrol rises now-a-days. Whatever step you will take you cant just bring down its price because the price basically may change as per the wish of international market. But there is one conclusion, if you can reduce petrol usage, then you can use this petrol money in your purchasing of daily bread. Instead of using scooter, motor bike and cars, you may take a pick of bicycle which is more inexpensive option than other transportation modes. If you are going on trip to a shorter distance, bicycle may be an appropriate option in which you can have sufficient exercise but in case of longer trip it gives a tiresome feeling to the rider. To avoid this problem, you may install a motor bicycle engine in your ordinary cycle in which you may achieve two more benefits i.e. you may use manual paddling in case of getting exercise. And whenever you are getting tired, then you can switch on the motor. Numerous qualitative bicycle kits are made available in the market to install a powerful motor engine to your ordinary bicycle. The 24 or 26 inch mens bike having V shape and a horizontal top tube can fit the motor engine more efficiently. V-shaped bicycle may give an opportunity to ride in the busy streets. Benefits It is more eco-friendlier option because it uses lessening amount of fuel for its usage. It results less emission of global warming gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc. to the atmosphere. Therefore your forthcoming generation may take hygienic atmospheric air as their breathing. You dont need to register for having a license for authorized riding of vehicles in your locality. So you will save your precious time and money in this matter. In case of higher range of traffics, you dont have to stand in a queue. You can easily go to your destined journeys end by means of following street roads on your scheduled time. You dont have to take tension about the parking place for keeping your bike. You can smoothly park anywhere wherever you feel right. From the above benefits, you will sure find your preference according your need. You will use this vehicle as a motor bike or a cycle whenever you will feel better. There are basically two varieties of bicycle kits which are made available in the market i.e. 2 stroke engine kit and 4 stroke engine kits. From the two types 4 stroke engine is much more acceptable than 2 strokes. The 2 stroke engine employs little more fuel consumption whereas 4 stroke engines are much more effective towards fuel consumption. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: