Shaanxi’s first graduate exam cheating case hearing today wireless answer webquest

Shaanxi’s first graduate exam cheating case hearing today wireless answer western network (reporter Li Yuan) the morning of November 23rd 10, Xi’an Beilin District People’s court held a public hearing of the defendant Yang Mouping, Liu, illegal sale, provide the question and answer. Reporters learned from the Shaanxi provincial high court, the case is the first case of graduate examination cheating in our province. In December 2015, the party because of its daughter, party, or so to participate in the upcoming national graduate entrance examination, then contact the case accused Yang Mouping to help cheat. After a friend of the party Zhao Moumou because of his son Zhao also participate in graduate recruitment, through a party linked to Yang Mouping. Yang Mouping searched online for someone to sell answers to graduate questions and radio special equipment for cheating, and then bought them online. Before the exam, Yang Mouping came to Xi’an, collect Zhao Moumou 10 thousand yuan in cash and a party of two cigarettes, promised to cheat. Yang Mouping also contacted the defendant Liu help, the morning of December 26, 2015, two people in the Xi’an Physical Education University, a student dormitory, the use of radio equipment to purchase online is to institute in 2016 unified national graduate admissions exam candidates Zhao sent politics exam questions and answers questions. At 18 p.m., the defendant Yang Mouping, Liu again to examinee Zhao, Party Moumou transfer English exam questions and answers, was arrested by the police. According to the investigation, the test questions and answers are the national unified postgraduate entrance examination questions and standard answers in 2016. According to reports, the case by the court Zhang Linming Beilin District, Beilin District procuratorate Deputy Attorney General Chen Liangyong appear to support the prosecution. The case will be heard at the moot court of Changan campus of Northwest University of Politics and Law, and college students will participate in the trial.

陕西首例研究生考试作弊案今开庭 无线电传答案   西部网讯(记者 李媛)11月23日上午10时,西安市碑林区人民法院将公开开庭审理被告人杨某平、刘某,非法出售、提供试题、答案一案。记者从陕西省高院了解到,该案是我省首例研究生考试作弊案。   2015年12月,党某因其女儿党某某参加即将开始的全国研究生招考,遂联系本案被告杨某平帮忙作弊。后党某朋友赵某某因其子赵某也参加研究生招考,就通过党某联系到杨某平。杨某平在网上搜到有人出售研究生试题答案及作弊使用的无线电专用器材设备,随后在网上购买。   开考前,杨某平来到西安,收取赵某某1万元现金以及党某两条香烟,承诺作弊。杨某平同时联系到被告人刘某帮忙,2015年12月26日上午,两人在西安体育学院某学生宿舍,利用网上购买到的无线电设备向正在体院参加2016年全国统一研究生招生考试的考生赵某传送考研政治题试题及答案。下午18时许,被告人杨某平、刘某再次向考生赵某、党某某传输考研英语试题及答案时,被民警抓获。   经查,被传送的试题及答案确为2016年全国统一研究生招生考试试题及标准答案。   据介绍,该案由碑林区法院院长张琳明主审,碑林区检察院副检察长陈良勇出庭支持公诉。   该案将在西北政法大学长安校区模拟法庭开庭审理,大学生将参加庭审。相关的主题文章: