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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre classic comedy "the merchant of Venice" Dongyi Premiere of Jonathan · precy last night, the British renowned Shakespeare globe brings is one of the "Shakespeare Huansha produced a classic four comedy The Merchant of Venice" for the Shanghai audience, the play will even play five games in four days. The cast of the Shanghai audience is a surprise, just in the Emmy Awards across many important "game of Thrones" "sparrow" played by Jonathan · precy plays the protagonist Jewish businessman "Sherlock". Before the show, the reporter interviewed the legend, for their own in the power of the game in the sixth quarter was written dead, he bluntly, a little sad". Sherlock is not only a "miser" forty-eighth Cannes winner, twice winner of the Toni prize, hot U.S. "game of Thrones" "sparrow" actor, Jonathan · precy is absolutely clear "focus" the merchant of Venice. In the early 70s, he starred in "taming of the Shrew", "Hamlett" Shakespeare. The 67 year old return to theatre, his performance in the United States Tour fun seasonal media shouted, Washington media praised the "he went on stage, the audience’s eyes are not moving". Talk about the role of Sherlock Sherlock, Jonathan said, whether in Taiwan or the book does not love, especially the role in Chinese, because the audience seems to have a conclusion of Sherlock, think he is a bad person, is a miser. Jonathan also admitted that initially invited to play, his first reaction is not". Again, he accepted the invitation, and then sink the heart to think about how to play Sherlock, let the audience know not like the "Rereading script is in 2015, when the world focus on immigration, immigration, people for the" outsider "fear and misunderstanding have become a topic. It makes me feel that the story of "the merchant of Venice" is closely related to the problems people are facing now." Although the performance did not change any of the words of Savon’s lines, but by different ways of performing, or let the audience to the audience of the new understanding of the Sherlock of the. "At the beginning of Chinese before the tour, we first tour in the United States for three weeks, feeling quite relaxed, because the United States is the experience of the presidential election, on whether to let immigrants come in and wait for the topic of discussion, so the audience can understand what the drama associated with real life." With the Chinese audience more and more understanding for the Chinese tour, Jonathan revealed that in Guangzhou the first show him quite a feeling, "the majority of the audience is very young, seems to be in a relatively shallow way to look at the figures. The show, Sherlock was bullied by spit slobber, all the audience applauded, everyone with a view to see the Christmas comedy drama." He said he played Sherlock, not to tell the audience a bad guy or a miser is what, but want to express more content. After a number of tour, he and the crew members slowly understand the local audience, preset audience idea and so on, is a subtle adjustment in the show, the audience finally succeeded and reached a better understanding and相关的主题文章: