Shanghai Metro Line 8 is expected to structure through three years-winfast

Shanghai Metro Line 8, three years is expected to structure through the newspaper news (reporter Li Lei) recently, Metro Line 8 and three cargo system engineering in the node prior to the construction of various projects in an orderly way, with three Shandong Highway East morning road coordinates for the starting point, the line officially started the construction of the girder, the mark with the upsurge of construction entered the main construction of Metro Line 8 phase three. Currently, the three line of the whole line of the station has been all over the same time the construction of the start of the year, is expected to achieve the full range of the structure through the station and the 8. In order to reduce the influence of noise and dust in the construction site, all the U beams are transported to the construction site to be hoisted by the factory. The construction involves a large vehicle and field of mechanical equipment, in order to reduce the impact on the traffic in the city, the builders overcome construction difficulties night, all of the girder construction were done late at night. No. 8 line three of Shanghai rail transit is used for the first time the wheel rail system (APM Automated PeopleMoversystems, an automatic passenger transit system) a new line, wheel rail APM is a public transport system for automatic driving, crossing. The application in the United States, Japan and France and other countries have domestic, BeiJing Capital Airport passenger transit, Guangzhou Pearl River Metro APM is also used in the standard operation. Train No. 8 line three of the rubber tires, driving on a concrete walking surface, with flexible line selection (small radius and large slope), low noise operation, friendly environment, suitable for elevated close to residential areas, convenient public boarding. On line 8 of the three phase of the project starts from the two period end point station Shen Du Road station, line length of approximately 6.689 kilometers, all overhead lines, a total of three Lu Shen Du Road Station Road station, Min Ruilu station, Pu route station, Dongcheng Road station, Huizhen Road station 6 station.相关的主题文章: