She was the first woman in Vietnam to be a mix of baby and Kun (video) 97179

She was a beauty like Vietnam first Kunling and Baby mixed Tencent entertainment news October 14th news, according to Taiwan "news" reported that there is a group of users to share hotty photos, her name is Deng Yuzhen, from Vietnam, she is not only hot, recently attended an activity, a skin tight skirt, bring out she is very curvy figure, collocation of white skin, looks very hot. And she and Zhang Mingxing face, looks like Kunling and Angelababy. The Vietnamese girl named Deng Yuzhen, recently sparked heated discussions friends. She is a well-known actress, born in 1989, she is 27 years old this year, a fashion event recently attended Hu Zhiming City, she a skin tight skirt collocation, she had white skin and a good body, amazing scene everyone. It is reported that she is the best actress in Vietnam skin, it appears from the photos, almost never do not see any flaws, crystal clear skin. In addition to have a good body and skin, her face is very beautiful, and that she and Zhou Jielun’s wife Kunling looks somewhat similar, some people say she looks like Angleababy. Many users a message, "it is", "clothing color, no wear, there are more" Bikun Ling high 2 grade "; others said that" more like the whole end of the first wave of by2". The mother Baby Charlie’s Angels domineering gun thin waist Alice buttocks >

她被封越南第一美女 似昆凌和Baby混合 腾讯娱乐讯 10月14日消息,据台湾《东森新闻》报道,有网友分享一组正妹照,她的名字叫做邓玉贞,来自越南,她不仅身材火辣,最近出席一场活动时,一席肤色的紧身裙装,衬托出她前凸后翘的很身材外,搭配白皙的皮肤,看起来十分火辣。而且她还有张明星脸,看起来像昆凌和Angelababy。这位名叫邓玉贞的越南美女,近来引发网友热烈讨论。她是当地的知名女星,1989年出生的她今年27岁,前阵子出席胡志明市的一场时尚活动,她一席肤色的紧身裙装,搭配她原本白皙的皮肤和好身材,惊艳了现场所有人。据悉她是越南皮肤最好的女星,从照片中看来,几乎都没看不出任何瑕疵,肤质晶莹剔透。除了有姣好的身材和皮肤外,她的脸蛋也十分美丽,还有人发现她与周杰伦的老婆昆凌长得有些相似,还有人说她长得像Angleababy。不少网友留言,“颇正”、“衣服色差,以为没穿”、还有人更表示“比昆凌高2个等级”;另外也有人形容“比较像整完第一波的by2”。 准妈妈Baby变霹雳娇娃霸气举枪腰细臀翘 >相关的主题文章: