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Shen Jinjun: return to the essence of the service industry how to retain customers, the auto – Sohu Sohu Li Dehui Jin Liyuan "the automobile finance tool dealers, to retain customers. Apart from this basic premise, we discuss the significance of vehicle financial penetration. Can only be reduced to a numbers game." In an interview with Sohu, China Automobile Dealers Association President Shen Jinjun expressed his consistent views. Relevant statistics show that as of 2015, China’s auto finance penetration rate of about 35%, compared with 2014 of 20%, to achieve a double growth. However, the United States, Germany and other developed countries in 2014, the automotive financial penetration has reached 81% and 64%. In the automobile production and sales volume has leapt to the world’s first background, the development of China’s auto finance industry is slightly lagging behind. Behind the gap is a huge market space, Shen Jinjun also hold a positive attitude. But the difference is that the industry will focus on how to enhance the financial penetration of the car on the surface of the digital indicators, and the actual business behind the number of analysis less. "When we talk about the past financial permeability is more discussed in consumer credit in developed country, whether the United States or Germany, their rental proportion was particularly high, especially in germany." Shen Jinjun believes that the key to enhance the financial penetration of the car is to enhance the financial leasing business volume. Data show that in 2014 the North American mature market automotive finance business accounted for 50% of financial leasing, while China is only $2%. The gap between the two is more. Obviously, many practitioners have been aware of the importance of financial leasing business and huge business opportunities, have begun to layout in this area. According to statistics, with the development of auto finance leasing business qualification agencies have reached 88, of which the top 100 dealers in the country, there are 78, independent of the third party 5, the Department of the manufacturers of the family, the electricity supplier is a family of 2. However, the industry of "disease" is still restricting the development of the business model of ills. Shen Jinjun believes that the car is unable to accurately assess the residual value is the main reason for restricting the development of financial leasing business, the second is consumer education. In developed countries such as the United States and Germany, in the leasing business, manufacturers or distributors and consumers signed for a certain period of time after the expiration of the lease contract, agreed to let the consumer value, the difference between the price and value of installment payment. However, in China, affected by the prices of new cars and large parts of the market environment changes, the car value can not be accurately defined, resulting in difficulty in establishing financial products to work hard. At the same time, the new car leasing business operation is not smooth, as a result of quality second-hand car source supply, on the one hand, resulting in second-hand car dealer or failed to return to the second-hand car platform, but scattered in different consumers, indirectly affect the second-hand car industry development quality and product circulation efficiency. Compared with the second-hand car, second-hand car financial problems are more profound. Shen Jinjun said: "the financial problems of the second-hand car is not residual problem, but what do you attribute the car.相关的主题文章: