Shenyang heating fee Ming Jie after the stop for more people

Shenyang heating costs "fill" do stop for many people a lot this year to apply for heat users stop for more thousands of households." Yesterday, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter in a number of heating companies interview that this year due to heating costs by "subsidies to clear up, many heating fee reimbursement heat users chose to stop for. Heating company stop business surge "please do stop for." Yesterday, in the Eastern District of Shenyang Dawn Real Estate Industrial Co. Ltd. toll hall, Mr. Lee said that the hot user fees. The charge staff told reporters that this is her 3823rd year accepted for heat users stop for the business. Shenyang dawn real estate hot user Industrial Co., 2016 – 2017 year is 26972, apply for suspension of users is 3823. In contrast, last year, the heat of their users are 25789 households, 2593 households stop for the number of. The company responsible person said, choose to stop for user rights. But if you stop for too much influence on the heating enterprises is very large. In order to ensure the heat users at room temperature standards, the heating enterprises must further improve the heating parameters (temperature and flow), this result is to increase the cost of heating. High-rise residential and new area for the multi reporter learned that almost all of the heating companies this year there has been a surge in the number of stops for. Shenyang Huitianredian stopped for more than 13000 households for, and last year is about 10000 people; third of the heat this year there are 3500 families for stop, only 2000 households last year. HUAFA heat, heat, Taipei, Shengtai Hunnan thermal heating for heat with the average stop for more than the previous year 10% – 30%. A heating company executives said, more high-rise residential and new area, stop for more. The geothermal users for example, if their neighbors stop heating, indoor temperature is not low. "Liaoning city heating regulations" provisions of article twenty-fourth, "the Municipal People’s government according to the actual situation, may decide to suspend the heating of the heating area of the heat charge users for pay fifteen percent of the total, but Shenyang is not expressly designated for operation and related documents based fege standard facilities. The price of coal heating enterprises increased costs experienced last year after the bottom price of coal, coal prices rose this year. "At the beginning of 400 yuan to buy tons of coal, now 550 to 600 yuan, and freight costs are on the rise." A heating company manager said. The person in charge of several other heating enterprises also said that the price of coal this year, according to the different quality of rose range is not the same, in about 20%. "For this year increased significantly, and the environmental protection costs increased year by year, the heating enterprise cost pressure."

沈阳采暖费“明补”后 办停供的人多不少   “今年来公司办理停供的热用户比以前多了几千户。”昨日,沈阳晚报、沈阳网记者在对多家供热公司的采访中了解到,由于今年采暖费由“暗补”变“明补”,许多采暖费报销的热用户选择了停供。   供热公司   停供业务量骤增   “麻烦给我办一下停供。”昨日,在大东区沈阳黎明房产实业有限公司收费大厅,热用户李先生对收费人员表示。收费人员告诉记者,这已经是她今年受理的第3823个办理停供业务的热用户了。   沈阳黎明房产实业有限公司2016—2017年度的热用户是26972户,办理停供的用户是3823户。相比之下,去年,他们的热用户是25789户,停供数量为2593户。   该公司负责人表示,选择停供是用户的权利。但如果停供太多,对供热企业影响是非常大的。为了保证热用户室温达标,供热企业必须进一步提高供热参数(温度和流量),这样的结果是供热成本增加。   高层住宅   和新小区办理多   记者在采访中了解到,今年几乎所有的供热公司都出现了停供数量骤增的情况。沈阳惠天热电超过13000户办理停供,而去年是10000人左右;第三热力今年有3500户办理停供,去年仅有2000户。华发热力、新北热力、浑南热力、盛泰供热等办理停供的热用户均比往年多10%—30%。   一位供热公司的老总表示,越是高层住宅和新小区,停供的越多。以地热用户为例,如果邻居供热,自家停供,室内温度也不低。《辽宁省城市供热条例》第二十四条规定,“市人民政府根据实际情况,可以决定对暂停供热的用户收取供热面积交纳热费总额的百分之十五”,但沈阳市目前没有明文规定及相关文件划定收取热设施运行基础费的标准。   煤炭涨价   致热企成本增加   经历了去年的煤炭触底价后,今年的煤炭价格上涨。“年初400元 吨买到的煤,现在得550—600元,而且运费成本也在涨。”一位供热企业老总表示。   另几位供热企业的负责人也表示,今年煤炭的价格根据质量的不同,涨得幅度也不一样,大概在20%左右。“今年停供的明显增多,加上环保成本逐年增加,供热企业成本压力较大。”相关的主题文章: