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Shenzhen lanbiao Harvard H2 listed for sale 95 thousand and 800 yuan listed! On the market! On the market! Important things to say three times! Have the fashionable movement style, rich technology configuration, golden combination of power lanbiao hover H2 is now in Shenzhen listed! In order to make the majority of fans and friends to experience the first time static distance Harvard H2 label, Ben Jue the Great Wall flagship store line caused by the customer, attentive service, the intention to create a purpose, in September 10th 2 pm, Ben Jue the Great Wall flagship store will be held from Harvard H2 listed on the Shenzhen conference and the Mid Autumn Festival people group purchase "activities in the Xiangmi Lake exhibition hall. During the event, the majority of fans and friends can not only close the extraordinary driving experience from Harvard H2 brings the feeling, can also participate in the Mid Autumn Festival this year to group purchase, the most affordable price to buy their favorite vehicles! Interactive games more exciting, delicious delicacy, luxury gift waiting for you! Detailed inquiry: 0755-8388 8800. As the Harvard brand to create a boutique SUV, lanbiao hover H2 on the world’s leading production factory in Xushui, is the launch of elite, luxury, distinguished type three models, the price of 95 thousand and 800 yuan -11.88 million yuan. Its stylish design is also a perfect interpretation of its movement characteristics, this time the market is bound to bring consumers a highly cost-effective high-quality products. Fashion sports movement stylish appearance design, sharp light one distance headlights, with the blue label family type hexagonal grille together to create wild, full of passion for the sport of the moment, like a cheetah prey. It is worth mentioning that the label is also quite hard in the Harvard H2 grille styling, the movement of honeycomb grille and chrome grille are two kinds of design, to provide consumers with more choices. Blue length and breadth were 4365mm, 1814mm, 1695mm, 2560mm wheelbase lanbiao hover H2, body slender, full, dynamic dive double waist outline sporty vehicle. D column embedded exquisite "HAVAL" LOGO, and dynamic small tail complement each other. In addition, the slush soft instrument, imitation carbon fiber trim, soft leather wrapped, combination of a variety of different texture material will heighten the texture of the interior, let lanbiao Harvard H2 show high grade. Enjoy the rich technology configuration of smart car life lanbiao hover H2 the configuration of full range of science and technology, the whole system comes standard with ESP, CarLife (mobile phone Internet), 8 inch large screen in the control, electronic handbrake, keyless start entry, TPMS tire pressure monitoring, cruise control, GPS navigation, reversing radar, intelligent rich technology configuration. The latest generation of BOSCH ninth ESP electronic stability system, equipped with TCS traction control HHC ramp auxiliary RMI rollover prevention system HDC steep drop function, and EPB electronic handbrake together, to further enhance the safety performance of vehicles, travel escort for you. The outbreak of surging power gold power combined with 1.5T turbocharged engine with 6MT, 6AT gold combination of power from the Harvard H2, the peak maximum output power of A and 210N.m with the 110KW相关的主题文章: