Shenzhen tomorrow will increase from the 10 Universiade center bus frequencies-pgd-426

Shenzhen tomorrow will increase from the 10 Universiade center bus frequencies of 2016 double eleven carnival night in late November 10th 8 held in Shenzhen Sports Center stadium. The party will be served as general director by the chief director of the eighty-eighth annual Oscar awards David Hill, also invited the strongest international star lineup: Kobe · Bryant, Thomas, One Repulic, · Muller Perry, Lin Chiling, Coco Lee, TFBOYS, SNH48, Li Yuchun, Zhang Yixing, Hua Chenyu, Joker, Ming, Victoria Song, Lu Yi, Victor Wong, Li Xiaopeng, Jia Nailiang, etc., will attract a large number of people to watch. To do a good job on the day of the bus security to meet the needs of the public car, the City Public Transport Bureau in conjunction with the Longgang Transportation Bureau and the relevant public transport, taxi companies to develop a public transport travel protection program. First, do a good job of conventional bus protection. Before the start of the event, between the Universiade Sports Center Stadium subway station to M229, M322, M367, M446 and other 4 bus lines and traffic from downtown Sports Center Stadium 365, E5, E6, E7, E25, M447 and other 6 bus lines will increase the frequency, good public transportation service. The two is to do a good job taxi traffic security. City public traffic bureau and taxi companies will also according to the traffic situation after the deployment of the vehicle to Shenzhen Sports Center Stadium surrounding areas to transport passenger service, especially to do over time (12, 00:00 to 02:00) taxi transport security. Three is to strengthen the emergency support. Longgang Transportation Bureau in conjunction with the eastern bus company to develop a contingency plan to prepare adequate capacity to strengthen on-site duty, to cope with the day of the event may occur a large area of personnel retention. When people travel difficulties, you can also call the taxi call center service hotline 96880, the eastern Public Transport Co., Ltd. service hotline for help 89983563. Contact person: Xu Rui, Tel: 83166299相关的主题文章: