Shipped bee car rollover caused by high-speed road traffic disruption for two hour flight of bees polartec

Bee truck rollover caused bees fled, traffic interrupted two hours, the scene of a hive scattered on the ground. City traffic enforcement detachment five brigade for four high speed figure Hualong 19 September 19th 05 news (reporter Liu Yan Intern Mao Ziwei) September 18th 3 pm, a car loaded with beehives shipped bee car in Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed direction of the city of stone silkworm river section of a large tractor scraped, resulting in most of the car a large number of bees in the hive beehive damaged, fly out…… The hive bees scattered flee traffic interruption alarm, Chongqing high-speed traffic enforcement detachment of the four brigade of the five law enforcement officers rushed to the scene and found a truck rollover on the highway lane in front of the emergency Lane parked inside a large tractor, the road is littered with a hive, the bees fly, but fortunately the occupants although injured but there was no danger. But the law enforcement officers rescue screenwriters. Originally, all the trucks are equipped with beehives, a total of more than 100 boxes, there are nearly 10000 bees per box, honey nearly 1 tons. Trucks and scattered hives, not only will the highway completely blocked, accidentally also may be the scene of the bees "anger", resulting in the rescue personnel being stung, consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Burning straw drive two hours after the traffic returned to the bee is a long downhill, for the timely evacuation of traffic, city traffic enforcement high-speed four detachment five brigade respectively implement temporary traffic control in cold water and Lu Liang tunnel, organization of vehicle toll station under the road in Heyuan, the implementation of the distal branch flow control. At the same time, contact Hubei high-speed traffic police to explain the detention vehicles. 4 pm the same day, the rescue crane into the accident area, in order to prevent the bee sting, law enforcement officers to the roadside farmer home from straw, produce smoke, drive the bees, using a gap of time will be suspended to the vehicle barge, and then back to the car, then use a forklift on the road to the hive one by one shovel roadside, give priority to the protection of the road pass. Although the bees were expelled, but in the rescue, there are still law enforcement team stung by bees, facial, neck, limbs have varying degrees of redness and swelling. After cleaning the scene, the rescuers tried to pull the bee cart away, and the hives in the car collided again and fell out. The bees in the box were frightened and escaped from the broken box. Law enforcement officers immediately from nearby to find hay, leaves and so on, take smoke and fire method to drive it. Then, the nearby villagers were sprayed with pesticides, and the soil on the road was covered with honey. As of 5 p.m., the scene cleared, the vehicle resumed traffic. Semi-trailer tractor driver improper operation to send bee car rollover, bee driver tour told a law enforcement team, of course, afternoon, he drove a truck from Hubei to Chongqing, Dianjiang. Driving to the incident, a tractor suddenly came back from the rear, suddenly to the direction of the lane, the end of the car to wipe up the truck, then the truck rollover, the car also scattered on the ground. As the bees escaped in the box, the whole scene suddenly appeared "bee cloud", and the vehicle behind it also stopped far. Law enforcement officers said that the accident due to Wang driving heavy semi-trailer tractor operation is improper, and the driver of a truck trip rub. .

运蜂车高速路侧翻致蜜蜂出逃 交通中断两小时 事故现场蜂箱散落一地。市交通执法高速四支队五大队供图   华龙网9月19日19时05分讯(记者刘艳 实习生 毛紫薇)9月18日下午3时许,一辆满载蜂箱的运蜂车在沪渝高速进城方向石柱蚕溪河路段被一辆大型半挂牵引车擦挂,致使车上大部分蜂箱受损,蜂箱内大量蜜蜂飞出……   蜂箱散落蜜蜂出逃交通中断   接警后,重庆交通执法高速四支队五大队的执法队员赶到现场发现,一辆货车侧翻在高速路行车道内,前方应急车道内停着一辆大型半挂牵引车,路上散落着蜂箱,有蜜蜂飞舞,所幸驾乘人员虽然受伤,但均无生命危险。   但施救中执法人员犯难了。原来,货车上装的全是蜂箱,共有100多箱,每箱里面有蜜蜂近万余只,蜂蜜近1吨。货车和散落的蜂箱,不仅将高速公路全面堵死,一不小心还可能把现场的蜜蜂“激怒”,导致施救人员被蜇,后果不堪设想。   烧稻草驱蜂两小时后交通恢复   事发地是个长下坡,为及时疏散交通,市交通执法高速四支队五大队分别在冷水和吕家梁隧道两地实施临时交通管制,组织车辆在河源收费站下道,实行远端分流控制。同时联系湖北高速交警对滞留车辆作好解释工作。   当天下午4时,施救吊车进入事故区域后,为防止蜜蜂蛰人,执法人员到路边农户家取来稻草,生出浓烟,驱赶蜜蜂,利用空隙时段将车辆驳正,再吊到背车上,随后用铲车将公路上的蜂箱逐一铲至路边,优先保障路面通行。   虽然对蜜蜂进行了驱赶,但施救中,还是有执法队员被蜜蜂蜇伤,脸部、脖子、四肢都有不同程度的红肿。   清理完现场,施救人员试图将运蜂车拖走时,车内的蜂箱再次发生撞击掉落,箱内蜜蜂受惊,从破损的箱体内逃出。   执法人员立即从附近找来枯草、树叶等,采取烟薰和火烧的方法对其进行驱赶。随后,又找来附近村民对现场喷洒农药,并为路面上的蜂蜜铺盖上泥土。   截至下午5时,现场清理完毕,车辆恢复通行。   半挂牵引车驾驶员操作不当致运蜂车侧翻   运蜂车驾驶员游某告诉执法队员,当然下午,他驾驶货车从湖北前往重庆垫江。行驶至事发地时,突然一辆半挂牵引车从后方疾驰而来,突然向行车道打方向,车辆尾部擦挂上货车,随后货车侧翻,车上的蜂箱也散落一地。由于箱内的蜜蜂受惊逃出,整个现场顿时出现了“蜂云”,后面的车辆也远远地停了下来。   执法人员说,此次事故因王某驾驶重型半挂牵引车操作不当,与游某驾驶的货车发生擦挂。   重庆高速执法部门提醒广大驾乘人员,驾车行驶高速时,一定要减速慢行,保持足够的安全车距,同时在超车中要仔细观察周围环境,确保车辆通行安全。相关的主题文章: