Should You Purchase Brand-new Riding

Fashion-Style A great deal of my writing recently has been about bifocal riding glasses. One of my buddys actually pointed out this to me. In actual fact, one of my recent columns came up throughout a discussion of her trading in her Victory V92TC Touring Cruiser for a new Can Am Spyder. She was telling me about how for many years now, she has been using bifocal riding glasses because they allow her to see better. But she was saying how she thinks that now might be the right time for her to obtain some new riding glasses or goggles especially with the brand-new biker season about to start. Why the need for brand new riding glasses? Over time, my friend’s eye-sight is starting to get worse. She didn’t have to wear regular glasses on a daily basis until recently. All she had were some reading glasses that she used to wear when reading the newspaper or when she was using the pc. But now her vision is poor enough that she needs to get eyeglasses for everyday use. She won’t have the ability to use her regular eyeglasses with the bifocal riding glasses at the same time – it just won’t work. She is either going to have to purchase a brand-new pair of goggles or some riding glasses that she can wear over her regular glasses. Either that or she will have to go with contact lenses if she wants to continue with the bifocal riding glasses. Personally, I think she’d be better off with the goggles considering she’s getting the Spyder. So it is easy to see that bikers get old too. Most bikers think that while they’re in the saddle, they will stay young forever but this is simply not the case; our ears, eyes and knees will tell us different. It even more evident on long rides. No.heless , it’s much preferable for a biker to stay in the saddle and get older than to try and beat the aging process by doing Pilates or sitting in a rocking chair! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: