Sichuan 7 year old sued 4 children asked them to go home often-y580

Sichuan 7 year old sued 4 children asked them to go home often "field trial court" support dispute. Scene villagers onlookers. Seven year old man sued four children, they often go back home. October 9th double ninth, although the filial piety should not become "on the occasion, but respect for the elderly, should not deviate from the traditional. Just a week before the festival, the Pengzhou court court in Jingshan Hill Dan Tian BA in the trial of a maintenance dispute, 73 year old mother sued two children and two women, on a monthly basis to the requirements of food rations. At the same time, also asked the children to the holidays, often go home to see". There is a kind of regret, called "son to raise and pro don’t wait", but the old man’s son but don’t think so. After more than an hour of trial and mediation, the 4 children have yet to reach an agreement, they are willing to pay, but refused to take care of the elderly home. The · trial court; mother sued 4 children on holidays to visit me in September 30th at 10:30 in the morning, in a field of dam of Pengzhou long Fengzhen Wen Jia Cun, Lin Xiuzhi sued two children and two women have dispute hearing. Lin Xiuzhi claims that she and her husband raised two children and two women. His wife died in 2009, she began with the second tour full of life. But because of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, both sides become unhappy. In March 2010, she went to a nearby temple in one’s life for 6 years. Until June of this year, because the legs are sick, she came back to his son home. Who knows soon, daughter-in-law sent her to the home of two daughters. The village committee repeatedly mediation fruitless, the elderly to the court to prosecute 4 children. The old man’s demands are: two children and two women per person monthly alimony 100 yuan, the cost of hospitalization and illness after the death of the funeral expenses by four allocation; Lin Xiuzhi contracted by the eldest son of the tour of your field farming, monthly payment to the plaintiff 30 kg of rice; with the eldest son of the tour of your life, and the provision of housing. In addition, the elderly explicitly asked her birthday and a statutory holiday, the 4 children must come to visit. In case of illness, children must take turns to take care of. The eldest son said his mother "I" the judge reminded to respect the old 4 children have no much objection to alimony and rice, but take care of who in the mother’s differences arise. Swim your proposal will be sent to the nursing home for the elderly, the cost of 4 brothers and sisters to pay. The younger son is recommended to travel the mother to take care of 4 siblings by turns, or sent to nursing homes, "such as illness, medical expenses are not equally, when you are sick who is who all inclusive". However, the two sisters do not agree to let the mother into the nursing home, we can not afford to lose this person. Mother is willing to follow the eldest brother’s life, it should be taken care of by the big brother, we pay every month is." However, you do not trust your brothers and sisters, "the last mother of money, I have the pad, and now have not yet given me." The trial, travel is expensive in a mention of the mother, "I actually directly call, which caused the dissatisfaction to judge Zengqiao. Please respect your mother, wish Zengqiao said, to be a good example for their children. The court scene "· hundreds of neighbors really want their children to listen to" the presiding judge of the trial in the special Zengqiao Zhu Tian Ba, "for the villagers can attend." Filled with the strong smell of tobacco leaves in law.相关的主题文章: