Sichuan has a high-speed road has new development of Pakistan Guangyu Expressway in Yilong October o-3u8547

Sichuan has a high-speed road has new development of Pakistan Guangyu Expressway in Yilong in October opened to traffic construction workers are the construction of Nanchong News Network (reporter Feng Fangxiong) September 17th, the reporter saw in Pakistan Guangyu Expressway in Yilong construction site, Pu motor oil machine roar, rolling machine, vehicles and other engineering vehicles shuttling back and forth, a bustling scene. At the completion of the road paving oil, construction workers are laying wires, install the fence, draw up the warning line and other projects finishing work, in October this year is expected to achieve opening test. The reporter learned from the construction side of the project, currently only Yilong County cypress tunnel, longjiagou tunnel, zhujiagou tunnel, walnut Ridge Tunnel, Hongmiao beam inside and outside the tunnel under construction electrician, and Yin saddle exit toll station service area, and saddle exit toll station has entered the phase of renovation. Saddle service area gas station was opened fully prepared, exterior decoration has been completed, the refueling equipment has been transported to the destination, debugging setup. At the same time, the saddle off ramp 300 meters of basal layer has been compacted after preparing the water layer paving. "We sent a large number of mechanical equipment, arrange a large number of engineering personnel assault last 5 km road. If the weather is good, before September 25th, Pakistan Guangyu Expressway in Yilong oil task, including the saddle shop connection line can be completed in October 1st, the trial opened what should be no problem." Sichuan Luqiao pavement engineering team responsible person told the reporter. It is reported that Pakistan Guangyu high speed length of 208 kilometers, 88.3 kilometers in Nanchong. At present, the final sprint all tenders for the construction of road tunnel in the founder, installation and other ancillary facilities wildly beating gongs and drums of the project, in October this year is expected to be opened to traffic. After the opening of the Baomao speed and G5012 million high-speed wide interoperability with G75 G65, the South China Sea high-speed, together constitute the southwest regional expressway network. At the same time, will become the Northeast Sichuan in Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone, Guizhou, Guangxi is connected with the implementation of the South Sea channel. Extended reading: Pakistan Guangyu Expressway from Sichuan city of Bazhong Province, Yuan Tan Zhen, Bazhou District, Yilong County, Yingshan County, Pengan County, Guang’an District, Hechuan District, Beibei District, Beibei District in the town of Chongqing city to the revival of the Chongqing freeway. All the design speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Recommended reading: Metro Line 7 municipal facilities west half ring successfully completed 13 days in advance to the opening condition of road completed 4 months Chengwenqiong speed open run this month end of Banan wide section of Yingshan highway Chengdu high speed rail to create "three nets" to the Deyang high speed rail transit operation from Pujiang to Dujiangyan high-speed to adjust the check point to Timor speed

四川又一高速路段有新进展 巴广渝高速仪陇段10月试通车 施工人员正在施工   南充新闻网讯(记者 冯方雄)9月17日,记者在巴广渝高速仪陇段施工现场看到,铺油机马达轰鸣,碾压机、运输车等工程车辆来回穿梭,现场一派繁忙景象。而在铺油完成的路段,施工人员正在进行铺设电线、安装防护栏、补划警示线等项目收尾工作,预计今年10月实现试通车。   记者从项目施工方了解到,目前仪陇县境内的独柏树隧道、龙家沟隧道、朱家沟隧道、核桃岭隧道、红庙梁隧道内外的电工在紧张施工中,而大寅出口收费站、马鞍服务区和马鞍出口收费站已经进入了装修阶段。马鞍服务区加油站也为通车做好了充分准备,外观装修已经完毕,加油设备已运达目的地,正在进行调试安装。同时,马鞍出口匝道300米路基底层已经碾压完毕,正在准备水稳层铺筑。   “我们出动了大量机械设备、安排了大量的工程人员突击最后5公里路面。如果天气状况良好,在9月25日之前,巴广渝高速仪陇段包括马鞍连接线在内的铺油任务就可以全面完成,10月1日试通车应该没什么问题。”四川路桥路面工程队负责人告诉记者。   据悉,巴广渝高速全长208千米,南充境内88.3千米。目前,各个标段施工方正在紧锣密鼓进行路面、隧道附属设施安装调试等工程的最后冲刺,今年10月可望试通车。通车后,将与G75南海高速、G65包茂高速和G5012万广高速互联互通,共同构成西南区域高速公路网络。同时,将成为川东北地区融入成渝经济区,实现与贵州、广西相连的南向出海大通道。   延伸阅读:   巴广渝高速公路起于四川省巴中市元潭镇,经巴州区、仪陇县、营山县、蓬安县、广安区、合川区、北碚区,止于重庆市北碚区复兴镇至重庆绕城高速公路。全线设计时速80公里 小时。   推荐阅读:   地铁7号线市政配套桥西半环顺利完工达到通车条件   提前13天完工 修路4个月成温邛高速可敞跑了   本月底 巴南广高速公路营山段通车   成都高铁打造“三张网” 到德阳高铁公交化运行   蒲江至都江堰段高速拟调整 止点到都汶高速相关的主题文章: