Sichuan Province, the full implementation of the five card one, according to a new code

Sichuan Province, the full implementation of the "five card one, according to a code registration system reform – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Chengdu September 26th news (reporter Yang Di) Sichuan Province before the full implementation of the" five one, according to a code registration system reform. The different licenses past by industry and commerce, quality supervision, tax, statistics agency, five departments were issued, the business license issued by the business sector by loading the unified code of social credit. Deputy director of Sichuan province Industrial and Commercial Bureau Shen Jian, "five in one" reform is in the last year the implementation of the "three in one" on the basis of the integration of social insurance registration and statistics registration certificate; through a window of acceptance, interoperability, information sharing, for enterprises to provide more convenient services. It is understood that the "five one" implement "a set of materials, a registration table, a window of acceptance" mode, namely registration only need to fill out the "form" to the industry and Commerce (market supervision department) "a window" submit "a material", industry and Commerce (market supervision) the Department received information and application materials to the application, directly to the applicant issued "five one" license. The enterprise can continue to use the original license before December 31, 2017, but from January 1, 2018 onwards, handle the relevant business shall use "five in one" business license. In addition, the "five one" reform does not involve individual industrial and commercial households. According to the State Council to deploy, starting in December 1st this year will be the full implementation of the individual industrial and commercial households in the country two card integration, namely the integration of individual business license and tax registration certificate.相关的主题文章: