Sichuan science and technology personnel entrepreneurship sixteen policies issued

Sichuan science and technology venture sixteen policy easing titles of Sichuan: Science and technology personnel does poineering work from a maximum of 6 years of title language is not a uniform requirement of   entrepreneurship researchers, how to spend the transition period? How to activate the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel innovation? Sichuan province to encourage scientific and technological personnel innovation and entrepreneurship sixteen policies (referred to as the "Sixteen policy") recently issued a formal. November 25th, the provincial government information office held a press conference, the Sichuan provincial science and Technology Department, the education department, the finance department, the joint office of the people and the community for a detailed interpretation of the policy. "Sixteen policy" to inspire the enthusiasm of scientific and technical personnel in priority, focus on the absence of policy innovation incentive problems in the scientific and technical personnel, according to foreign talent introduction, internal incentive played a series of combination of boxing, in the gathering of high-end talent, encouraging innovation and industry, put forward specific measures to accelerate the transformation, improve the management other aspects of the system, the Sichuan science and technology personnel is a major positive, helps them to truly realize the "fame and fortune". Keywords talent introduction of high-level personnel relocation expenses up to 2 million units of rental housing construction talents to Sichuan business, there is no subsidies to settle down? According to regulations, innovation and entrepreneurial talent, the introduction of Sichuan to further increase the intensity of support. From the country (territory) of high level talents and team innovation, entrepreneurial foreign Sichuan Province, in accordance with the "high level talent in Sichuan Province special support measures (Trial)" the provisions of the conditions, priority into the province’s "thousand person plan", the highest individual grants 2 million yuan one-time subsidies and installation team 5 million yuan project. In addition, it will improve the introduction of innovative entrepreneurial talent supporting services, priority arrangements for medical treatment, children’s enrollment and housing security. The introduction of high-level innovation and entrepreneurial talent and their spouses, minor children, can not be restricted by residence, residence, age and other conditions, choose to settle in the residence or work place. Sichuan will also establish and improve the high level talents transformation mechanism from work to permanent residence residence, into national people plan and other key projects for the record cited only plan to apply for permanent residence, priority. For the talent agglomeration of large enterprises and industrial park land use for construction of stock, not more than 15% of the total construction area of public rental housing (rental housing units) and other service facilities, in accordance with the relevant policies, can be used for land allocation. Key words: reward policy, scientific and technological personnel, the results of the transformation of the proceeds of Sichuan increased to not less than 70% of scientific and technological achievements in the allocation of ownership? Who will take up the "big head"? Sichuan, science and technology achievements by universities and scientific research institutes, medical institutions and other institutions to transfer the proceeds, according to the different ways to complete the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and make an important contribution to the staff reward. The net income from the transfer or license, and obtain the shares or investment proportion, allows the extraction of reward for the ratio of not less than 70%. Through the implementation of the unit itself or in cooperation with others, from the beginning of the year for 5 consecutive years, each year from the implementation of the scientific and technological achievements of the operating profit相关的主题文章: